Carnegie Mellon University

Poster Session

Antibiotic Discovery by Means of Computers
Cesar de la Fuente; University of Pennsylvania

Quantifying the Vasculogenic Potential of iPSC-EPs in Angiogenic Hydrogels
Cody Crosby, Alex Hillsley, Sachin Kumar, Sapun Parekh, Adrianne Rosales, Janet Zoldan; University of Texas at Austin

High resolution wide field computational polarization microscopy
Xiang Dai, Pavan Chanda Konda, Shiqi Xu, Roarke W. Horstmeyer; Duke University

Therapeutic Ultrasound Triggered Silk Fibroin Scaffold Degradation

Megan K. DeBari, Xiaodan Niu, Jacqueline V. Scott, Mallory D. Griffin, Sean R. Pereira, Keith E. Cook, Bin He, Rosalyn D. Abbott ; CMU

Lamina cribrosa capillaries straighten as intraocular pressure increases
Bryn L. Brazile, Bin Yang, Susannah Waxman, Po Lam, Andrew P. Voorhees, Ralitsa T. Loewen, Nils A. Loewen, Joseph F. Rizzo III, Tatjana Jakobs, Ian A. Sigal; University of Pittsburgh, University of Würzburg (Würzburg, Germany), Harvard Medical School

Bacterial motility in disordered media
Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Daniel Amchin, Jenna Ott, Felix Kratz, and Sujit S. Datta; Princeton University

Estimating Cell-Type Specific Gene Expression in Spinal Cord Injury through Deconvolution of Bulk RNA-seq Data
Dylan Forenzo, Li Cai; Rutgers University

Imaging Ictal and Inter-ictal Networks from Scalp EEG Recordings
Abbas Sohrabpour, Zhengxiang Cai, Shuai Ye, Gregory Worrell, Bin He; CMU, Mayo Clinic

EEG signals index a global signature of arousal embedded in neuronal population recordings
Richard Johnston, Adam C. Snyder, Rachel S. Schibler, Matthew A. Smith; CMU, University of Rochester, Harvey Mudd College

Deep Learning of Material Transport in Complex Neurite Networks
Angran Li, Amir Barati Farimani, Yongjie Jessica Zhang; CMU

Chelation crosslinking of biodegradable elastomers
Ying Chen, Paula G. Miller, Xiaochu Ding, Chelsea E.T. Stowell, Katie M. Kelly, Yadong Wang; Cornell University

Modeling Human Cardio-Pulmonary Co-development Via Simultaneous Multilineage Induction from hPSCs
Wai Hoe Ng, Elizabeth Johnston, Jun Jie Tan, Xi Ren; CMU, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang, Malaysia)

Classification of Lung Disease using CT Image Encodings Computed using Neural Networks
Palash Shah, Prahlad G Menon; University of Virginia, University of Pittsburgh

Frontoparietal alpha-gamma modulation in selective auditory attention
Alexander Pei, Winko W. An, Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham; CMU

Microfluidic Tumor-Mesothelial Model to Study Ovarian Cancer Invasion Dynamics
Dorota Jazwinska, Nicholas Genco, Ioannis Zervantonakis; University of Pittsburgh

Conferring Receptors Cancer Cells with Extracellular Vesicles for Targeted Therapy
Fei Xue, Zachary Quinn, Yundi Chen, Rhea John, Yuan Wan; Binghamton University

Single-Cell Derived Exosome Heterogeneity Promotes Invasive Fibroblast Phenotype in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Amy H. Lee, Deepraj Ghosh, Nhat Quach, Michelle R. Dawson; Brown University

Deep Learning Improves Classification of Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interface Control
James R. Stieger, Stephen A. Engel, Daniel Suma, Bin He; CMU, University of Minnesota

Effects of Long-Term Meditation Practices on Sensorimotor Rhythm Based BCI Learning
Xiyuan Jiang, Emily Lopez, James Stieger, Carol Greco, Bin He; CMU, University of Minnesota, University of Pittsburgh

Modeling Neuron Growth Using Phase Field Method
Aishwarya Pawar, Ashlee Liao, Victoria Webster-Wood, Adam W. Feinberg and Yongjie Jessica Zhang; CMU

Piperazine Derivatives Enhance Epithelial Cell Monolayer Permeability by Increased Cell Force Generation and Loss of Cadherin Structures
Shiyuan Zheng, Kirill Lavrenyuk, Katherine C. Fein, Nicholas G. Lamson, Kathryn A. Whitehead, Kris Noel Dahl; University of Pittsburgh, CMU

Investigating Oxygen-Dependent Cell-Cell Communication in Human Cardiac Fibroblasts with a Microfluidic Device
N. N. Khalil, M. L. Rexius-Hall, M. L. McCain; University of Southern California

Soft silicone electrode net for modulating bladder function
Ritesh Kumar, Chaitanya H. Gopinath, Tyler Simpson, David Weir, Maria K Jantz, Alexander Thiessen, Danny McDonnall, Robert A Gaunt; University of Pittsburgh, Ripple LLC

Exploring the passive mechanics of early neurulation through computational modeling
Sommer Anjum, Lance Davidson; University of Pittsburgh

Tensional homeostasis across length scales
Michael L. Smith, Dimitrije Stamenović; Boston University

Inflammation in the Tumor Microenvironment: Experimental Models of Metastatic Melanoma Therapy
Andrew M. Bradshaw, Erica Kuo, Jelena Grahovac, Kyle Sylakowski, Cindy Sander, Howard Edington, John M Kirkwood, Alan Wells; University of Pittsburgh, National Cancer Research Center (Belgrade, Serbia), Allegheny Health Network, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh VA Health System

Performance of portable and laboratory-based near-infrared spectroscopy sensors for assessing muscle blood flow during exercise
Julie Rekant, April Chambers; University of Pittsburgh

Engineering Nanoparticles for Improved Lymphatic Targeting
Jacob McCright, Colin Skeen, Jenny Yarmovsky, Katharina Maisel; University of Maryland

Formulation of a topical cysteamine microsphere/thermoresponsive gel eyedrop for corneal cystine crystals in Cystinosis
Jorge Jimenez, Michael A. Washington, Ken K. Nischal, Morgan V. Fedorchak; University of Pittsburgh, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Sensory feedback impacts volitional control of single neurons even after prolonged training
Carmen F. Fisac, Steven M. Chase; CMU

Monkeys exhibit a paradoxical decrement in performance in high-stakes scenarios
Nick P. Pavlovsky, Adam L. Smoulder, Patrick J. Marino, Alan D. Degenhart, Nicole T. McClain, Aaron P. Batista, Steven M. Chase; University of Pittsburgh, CMU 

Tensor Feature Selection for EEG based Brain-Computer Interfacing
Daniel Suma, Abbas Sohrabpour, Bin He; CMU

Fully Biological Channels for a Biomimetic Gas Exchange Device
Erica M. Comber, Kalliope G. Roberts, Rachelle N. Palchesko, Daniel J. Shiwarski, Xi Ren, Adam W. Feinberg, Keith E. Cook; CMU

3D Analysis of the Impact of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair Surgery on Vaginal Anatomy
Arijit Dutta, Shaniel Bowen, Krystyna Rytel, Pamela Moalli, Steven Abramowitch; University of Pittsburgh

Restoration of Normal Vaginal Anatomy after Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair: The Role of Vaginal Angulation in Anatomic Failure
Shaniel T. Bowen, Pamela A. Moalli, Steven D. Abramowitch; University of Pittsburgh, Magee Women’s Research Institute

Rehabilitation of Lower Limbs with a Brain-Computer Interface System after Stroke
M. Sebastian-Romagosa, W. Cho, R. Ortner, F. Cao, K. Mayr, C. Guger; g.tec medical engineering Spain S.L. (Barcelona, Spain), g.tec medical engineering GmbH (Schiedlberg, Austria), g.tec neurotechnology (Albany, USA)

FingerSight: Computer Vision Based Wearable Device for Guiding the Visually Impaired
Yuxuan Hu, Janet Canady, Roberta Klatzky, George Stetten; University of Pittsburgh

Mechanical Parameterization of GBM Patient Cell Migration
Jay C. Hou, Mariah M. McMahon, Jann N. Sarkaria, Clark C. Chen, David J. Odde; University of Minnesota

A Shape-Complementing, Porosity-matching Perfusion Bioreactor System for Tissue Engineering Geometrically Complex Bone Grafts
Barbie Varghese, Ananya Kar, Julia Napolitano, Yunhui Xing, Xi Ren; CMU

The biphasic and age-dependent impact of Klotho on hallmarks of aging and skeletal muscle function
Abish Pius, Zachary Clemens, Sruthi Sivakumar, Amrita Sahu, Sunita Shinde, Hikaru Mamiya, Nathaniel Luketich, Jian Cui, Joerg D. Hoeck, Sebastian Kreuz, Michael Franti, Aaron Barchowsky, Fabrisia Ambrosio; University of Pittsburgh, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A closed-loop ultrasound imaging estimator for assessing muscle contractility during neuromuscular electrical stimulation
Zhiyu Sheng, Nitin Sharma, Kang Kim; University of Pittsburgh

Assessing regenerative properties of electrically stimulated ASC secretome
Emily Pallack, Nora Hlavac, Raffae Ahmad, Deanna Bousalis, Erin Patrick, Christine Schmidt; University of Florida

Rapid tau monomer uptake is proportional to heparan sulfate proteoglycan content, but not dependent solely on their presence
Liqing Song, Evan A. Wells, Anne S. Robinson; CMU

Tunable Multifunctional Bioinks for 3D Printing Applications in Bone Regeneration
Songyang Li, Saigopalakrishna S. Yerneni, Adam W. Feinberg, Phil G. Campbell; CMU

Effects of Subjected Patient Population on Cardiovascular Diagnostic Testing
Rylee Wayand, Mark Doyle; CMU, Allegheny Health Network

Using Systems Modeling to Localize the Seizure Onset Zone in Epilepsy Patients from Single Pulse Electrical Stimulation Recordings
Golnoosh Kamali, Rachel June Smith, Mark Hays, Christopher Coogan, Nathan E. Crone, Joon Y. Kang, Sridevi V. Sarma; Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Optical Methods for Non-Invasive Assessment of Arteriole Flow Impedance
Jason Yang, Jana M. Kainerstorfer; CMU

Spinal Cord Neuromodulation: Is it a thing?
Josep-Maria Balaguer, Marco Capogrosso; University of Pittsburgh

Real-time imaging of the stretch-induced changes in the optic nerve head collagen architecture
Po-Yi Lee, Bin Yang, Yi Hua, Susannah Waxman, Ziyi Zhu, Fengting Jil, Ian A Sigal; University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University

β-lactamase responsive hydrogels for bacteria-triggered antibacterial drug delivery
Cassi LaRose, Dahlia Alkekhia, Anita Shukla; Brown University

High-speed Structured Polarized Light Imaging of Tissue Dynamics
Grace Ingram, Po-Yi Lee, Benjamin Bernarding, Ian A Sigal, Bin Yang; Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh

Evaluating Discrete Period Quadrature for Time-Frequency Analysis using Various Features of the Magnitude and Phase Spectra
Julia Foust, George Stetten; University of Pittsburgh

Electron paramagnetic imaging of oxygen in photopolymerizeable gelatin methacrylate
Ryan O'Connell, Andrey Bobko, Oxana Tseytlin, Mark Tseytlin; West Virginia University

An Instrumented Glove to Condition Greater Agency and Accelerate Grasp Rehabilitation
Mingxiao Liu, Samuel Wilder, Sean Sanford, Raviraj Nataraj; Stevens Institute of Technology

Effects of Sub10-nm Particles on Macrophage Activation
Wonhee Han, Dasia Aldorando, Elizabeth Wayne, Coty Jen; CMU

Remote Non-Genetic Optical Modulation of Cellular Activity using Fuzzy Graphene
Raghav Garg, Kyoungin Kang, Sahil K. Rastogi, Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti, Bernardo I. Pinto, Jane E. Hartung, Seokhyoung Kim, Corban G.E. Murphey, Nicholas Johnson, Daniel San Roman, Francisco Bezanilla, James F. Cahoon, Michael Gold, Maysam Chamanzar, Tzahi Cohen-Karni; CMU, University of Chicago, University of Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina

Building a DNA origami network to modulate cell membrane remodeling
Weitao Wang, Piyumi Wijesekara, Xi (Charlie) Ren, Rebecca E. Taylor; CMU

Predicting Short-term and Long-term Effects of Spinal Cord Stimulation
Kyle See, Rachel Judy, Stephen Coombes, Ruogu Fang; University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida

Effect of macro-calcification on the failure mechanics of intracranial aneurysmal wall tissue
R. N. Fortunato, A. M. Robertson, C. Sang, X. Duan, S. Maiti; University of Pittsburgh, PNC Bank

Neural silences can be localized rapidly using noninvasive scalp EEG
Alireza Chamanzar, Marlene Behrmann, Pulkit Grover; CMU

Viral Control Over Host Nuclear Architecture
Daniel B. Whitefield, Sarah Boothman, Jonathan S. Minden, Fred L. Homa, Kris Noel Dahl; CMU, University of Pittsburgh

Classifying Craving State in Recovering Opioid Users with Wearable Sensor Data
Saitheeraj Thatigotla, Sage Betko, Wren Gray, Rishabh Shetty, Ellie Gordon, Prahlad G Menon; Behaivior LLC

Role of celebrovascular autoregulation in neurovascular coupling
D. Acharya, A. Ruesch, S. Schmitt, J. Yang, M.A. Smith, J.M. Kainerstorfer; CMU

Increasing the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Neural Recordings Using an Adaptive Frequency-Domain Filtering Technique
Esther Bedoyan, Jay W. Reddy, Anna Kalmykov, Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Maysamreza Chamanzar; CMU

A Midrange Frequency Boost Circuit for Intraoperative Microelectrode Recordings in Functional Neurosurgery
E. L. Ashbolt, G. C. McConnell; Branfman Family Foundation

Electron Density Map Super-resolution using Deep Learning
Yuyang Wang, Prakarsh Yadav, Baishali Mullick, Amir Barati Farimani; CMU

Characterizing Engineered Muscle Tissues on Micromolded Gelatin Hydrogels with Tunable Rigidity
Divya Gupta, Jeffrey W. Santoso, Megan L. McCain; University of Southern California

Long-term scaffold-free psoriatic skin model
Rahul Rimal, Yvonne Marquardt, Akihiro Nishiguchi, Sebastian Huth, Mitsuru Akashi, Martin Moeller, Jens M. Baron, Smriti Singh; Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials (Aachen, Germany), Russian Academy of Science (Moscow, Russia), Aachen University (Aachen, Germany), National Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan); Osaka University (Osaka, Japan)

Modelling Recruitment of Afferents in Dorsal Root Ganglion for Somatosensory Neuroprostheses
Juhi Farooqui, Ameya Nanivadekar, Lee Fisher; CMU, University of Pittsburgh

In situ ​ Ultrasonically Tunable Virtual Axicon for Non-invasive Optical Imaging
Yasin Karimi Chalmiani, Maysam Chamanzar; CMU

Blood pressure prediction from electrocardiogram & photoplethysmogram using deep learning
Prakarsh Yadav, Amir Barati Farimani; CMU

Fabrication of a 3D model of a lymphatic vessel using microfluidic devices
Ann Ramirez, Priscilla Lee, Mayowa Amosu, Katharina Maisel; University of Maryland

A CRISPR-based transcriptional repressor for Synthetic immunomodulation in vivo
Farzaneh Moghadam, Ryan LeGraw, Jeremy J Velazquez, Nan Cher Yeo, Chenxi Xu, Jin Park, Alejandro Chavez, Mo R Ebrahimkhani, Samira Kiani; University of Pittsburgh, Arizona State University, University of Alabama, Columbia University

Utilizing Nanomechanical Biosensors to Measure Strain on Tissues During Compaction
Sanjana Shah, Daniel Shiwarski, Adam W. Feinberg; CMU

Application of a Two-Layer Model to Correct for Skin Pigmentation in Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging of the Healthy Breast
Constance M. Robbins, Jason Yang, James F. Antaki, Jana M. Kainerstorfer; CMU, Cornell University

Anchor-Dependent DNA Origami Nano Tile Accessibility to Cell Surface as a Functional Measure of Glycocalyx Integrity in Vascular Diseases and Regeneration
Piyumi Wijesekara, Ying Liu, Rebecca Taylor, Xi (Charlie) Ren; CMU

Ambulatory ECMO Utilizing An Extracorporeal VAD As Destination Therapy
K.G.Roberts, N.Umei, S.Shin, K.Wu, A.Lai, E.M.Comber, D.J.Skoog, S.Ichiba, S.Jiang, M.D.Bacchetta, K.E. Cook; CMU, Nippon Medical School Hospital (Tokyo, Japan), University of Washington, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

DNA-inspired JBNT Nanopiece for efficient and high biocompatible siRNA carrier
Jinhyung Lee, Ian Sands, Wuxia Zhang, Yupeng Chen; University of Connecticut

Scaffold-Free Nerve Conduit Engineered using Dental Pulp Stem Cells
Michelle D. Drewry, Matthew T. Dailey, Kristi Rothermund, Fatima N. Syed-Picard; University of Pittsburgh

Scaffold-Free Tissue Engineering for Full Tooth Root Regeneration
Tia Calabrese, Kristi Rothermund, Fatima N. Syed-Picard; University of Pittsburgh

Enhanced spatio-temporal resolution of neuronal activities using joint electroencephalography and diffuse optical tomography
Jiaming Cao, Theodore J. Huppert, Pulkit Grover, Jana M. Kainerstorfer; CMU

Novel Spiral EEG Electrodes for All Hair Types
Amber K. Afelin, Arnelle Etienne, Tarana Laroia, Harper Weigle, Ashwati Krishnan, Pulkit Grover; CMU

Hypoxia drives partial epithelial/mesenchymal transition and collective migration 3D breast microtumor model
Vaishali Aggarwal, Catalina Ardila Diana, Shilpa Sant; University of Pittsburgh

Three-Dimensional Graphene Microelectrode Arrays for Detection of Wound Healing Biomarkers
Daniel San Roman, Raghav Garg, Yingqiao Wang, Bryan Brown, Stephen Badylak, and Tzahi Cohen-Karni; CMU, University of Pittsburgh

Optimizing Intrinsic Optical Signal (IOS) Detection for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Applications
Bradley Scammon, Jiaming Cao, Vishal Jain, Jana Kainerstorfer; CMU

Developing Islet-on-Chip Model for modeling Type-2 Diabetes
Connor Wiegand, Ravikumar K, Xiang Li, Lans Taylor, Ipsita Banerjee; University of Pittsburgh

Alterations in Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen with Cerebrovascular Dysregulation
Ankita Mukherjea, Deepshikha Acharya, Alexander Ruesch, Jana M. Kainerstorfer; CMU

Developing a Vascularized Islet Organoid Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells and Microvascular Fragments
IConnor Wiegand, Ravi Krishnamurthy, Kevin Pietz, Joseph Candiello, Prashant N. Kumta, Jay Hoying, Ipsita Banerjee; University of Pittsburgh, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

Implantable Multimodal Neural Probes for Large Animals Using Advanced Polymer/Stainless Steel Nanofabrication
TJay W. Reddy, Zabir Ahmed, Ibrahim Kimukin, Hassan Malekoshoaraie, Tobias Teichert, Maysamreza Chamanzar; CMU, University of Pittsburgh

Assessment of a Peripheral Nerve Extracellular Matrix Derived Hydrogel for Improving Functional Recovery Following Nerve Reconstruction
Tyler Meder, Travis Prest, Lucile Marchal, Valeria Yupanqui, Clint Skillen, Bryan Brown; University of Pittsburgh, University Nice Sophia Antipolis

A novel role for the antioxidative enzyme heme oxygenase-1 in cell migration
William Leineweber, Stephanie I. Fraley; UC San Diego