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Research areas in Biological Physics

... a selection of interdisciplinary research activities.
Theory of biomembrane elasticity (Deserno)
Coarse-grained MD simulation of peptides and phospholipids (Deserno)
Viral genome packaging and ejection (Evilevitch) [more]
Mechanical properties of viral capsids (Evilevitch)
Surfactant formulations for self-dispersing aerosol drug carriers (Garoff) [more]
Neutron reflection metrology for the analysis of protein-membrane interactions (Heinrich, Lösche)
Tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLMs) for biomedical research (Lösche) [more]
Membrane-mediated toxicity of β-amyloid oligomers (Lösche, Heinrich) [more]
Association of the HIV-1 Gag matrix domain protein with acidic membranes (Heinrich, Lösche) [more]
Single-molecule manipulations of RNA folding with optical tweezers (Mandal)
Riboswitches and transcriptional regulation
Structure and interactions of lipid bilayers (Nagle, Tristram-Nagle) [more]
Elasticity and mechanical response of viral capsids (Widom) [more]
Secondary structure and function of noncoding RNA (Widom) [more]


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Widom (theory)

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