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Teamwork and Collaboration

The Andy Award for Teamwork and Collaboration honors staff teams who exemplify collaboration and cooperation with colleagues, students and the university community and recognizes its transformative impact. The team has developed new approaches, methods and systems to improve organizational effectiveness or has improved the student experience and/or student's learning opportunities. It has demonstrated imagination and creativity in solving problems or fostering change that benefits the university community.

Criteria include accomplishing a task that makes a positive and recognizable difference in the university community, building successful collaborative relationships across different groups and creating an environment that promotes communication, trust, cooperation and respect for differences.

2018 Nominees


50th Anniversary Events Celebration Coordinating Team

Jason Mlodzianowski, Alex Hess, Joyce DeFrancesco, Emily Rathbone, Jennifer Brown, Kristin Sullivan, Julia Miller, Christy Hudson, Dani Henderson, Deb Taylor, Dana Pass, Kelly Pernell, Shannon Wetzel, Brian Thornton, Amber Flevaris, Tim Seidel, Lea Brown, Sarah College, Elizabeth Vaughan, Jennifer Pesci-Kelly, Sophie Elias, Jennifer Cadman, Sarah Gregory and Katie Restori
Not pictured: Cindy Crimmins, Catherine Davidson, Mark Delos Reyes Davis, Jordan Markley, Tricia O'Reilly, Teresa Trombetta and Jill Wieck

Facilities Management Services, Marketing & Communications, Office of Student Affairs, Office of the Provost, Athletics, University Advancement and University Libraries


Academic Development Office Team

Jessica Owens, John Lanyon, Donora Craighead, Michael Poljak and Linda Hooper (not pictured)
Office of the Provost


Accelerate Leadership Center Team

Jarred Lazear, Michelle Stoner, Leanne Meyer, Matthew Stewart and Laura Maxwell (not pictured)
Tepper School of Business


Cyert Center Penn Avenue Team

Rachel Makary, Brianna Moskal, Kristin Cummings, Jennifer Kemp, Jennifer Schwartz, Patricia Cisar, Carla Freund, Leslie Ann McMeans, Jill Bodner, Marissa Palko, Alison Sciulli, Sheena Krug, Wendell Smith, Hannah Jacobs, Kathryn McCarthy, Holly Knaus, Jennifer Fritsch Anderson, Brandy Brackett, Brenna Halbedl, Shannon Casillas and Christa Cooke
Not pictured: Alex Rudel, Juliet Pusateri, Shawn Carlson and Katrina Clark

Cyert Center


Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Organizations Team

Bari Guzikowski and Brittany Reyes
Electrical and Computer Engineering


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Faculty Leave of Absence (LOA) Project Team

Uzwala Sajja, Ryan Jackson, April Brosius and Courtney Bryant
Finance and Office of the Provost


Mechanical Engineering Academic Team

Eva Mergner and Lauren Warden-Rodgers
Mechanical Engineering


Office of International Education Team

Judy van Rheenen, Nick Hernandez, Erin Hubbard, Erin Swift, Linda Gentile, Beth Dongilli, Jordan Febbraro, Elena Gruzdeva, Mary Ganska, Christine Menand, Kelly Holman, Elena Papadakos and Alison Day
Enrollment Services  


Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center Administrative Team

Suzette Gambone, Emily Marshall, Nicole Graycar, Scott Petyak, Allie Oswell, Linda Duffy, April Bell, Jon Nehlsen, Alka Patel, Margie Hinebaugh and Olivia Wells
Not pictured: Sean Beggs, Ann English, Tricia Straw, Andy Wasser and Robert Wooldridge

Campus Design and Facility Development, Heinz College, Office of General Counsel and Vice Provost for Research, 


Solutions Consulting Team

Matt Miller and Matt Blazevich
Computing Services


Tepper School of Business Website Update Team

Aubrey Buberniak, Xiuyun Shen, Nora Fergany, Amber Becker, Sakena Washington, Lara Steiner, Heather Roylo, Lauri Francis, Chris Kornell, Mark Adamson, Barbara Donehue, John Dermott, Dom Travisano, John Bigler, Matt Olczak and Satish Duvvuru
Not pictured: Zach Beresh, Steve Chabassol, Darren Dauberger, Jordan Harrison, Joey Mancuso and Shawna Templeton
Computing Services, Marketing & Communications and Tepper School of Business