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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Education

A number of avenues exist at CMU for formal learning about ethical conduct of research and the standards within this research community.  Education has long been required for individuals participating in Human Subject research and Animal research at CMU.  Research ethics is addressed at Graduate Student orientation, some other orientation programs and in some classes. On-line education focused on Responsible Conduct of Research is available via CITI

Typically RCR education addresses the following topics:

  • Data Acquisition and Management - collection, accuracy, security, access
  • Authorship and Publication
  • Peer Review
  • Mentor / Trainee Responsibilities
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Research Misconduct
  • Human Subject Research
  • Use of Animals in Research

CITI On-line RCR Education 

To complete the CITI on-line education course go to CITI's website.  

  1. Select Carnegie Mellon University as your "participating institution" and create an account. Please use your CMU Andrew e-mail account.
  2. Once your registration is complete, you will be directed to a list of courses.  Choose the Responsible Conduct of Research module most appropriate to the type of research you conduct (physical sciences, social and behavioral, undergraduates, biomedial engineering or humanities). 
  3. The course may take a few hours to complete but can be done over a period of time.  When you complete the course, CITI will e-mail your completion record to the CMU Research Compliance Office.
  4. If you have done CITI education for another organization, add CMU to your CITI profile.  You will be given credit for your previous courses to the extent they overlap with CMU's requirements.

RCR Seminar Series at CMU

The CMU Office of Research Integrity and Compliance office is sponsoring an education program titled "Responsible Conduct of Research Seminar Series".  The series is intended to provide participants with an introduction to the topics typically included in RCR curriculum.  The sessions are part lecture and part discussion of case studies.  Group discussion is intended to help participants understand the complexity of these issues.

Registration for the Spring 2014 RCR Seminar Series is required.  Interested individuals may register for a single session or multiple sessions. If you have questions about RCR education contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance at 412-268-7166.

All sessions for the spring 2014 semester are from 12 - 1 pm in the UC.

The current schedule for spring 2014 is as follows:


Topic and Presenter



February 4th

Conflict of Interest, presented by Stacey Becker, Research Compliance Coordinator, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

UC, McKenna/Peter


February 12th

Research Misconduct Lessons, presented by Ann Mathias, Assistant Vice President of Research, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

UC, McKenna/Peter


February 18th

Introduction to Intellectual Property, presented by Rochelle Athey, Associate Vice Provost of Sponsored Programs, Office of Sponsored Programs
UC, Rangos 3


February 25th


Ethical Issues with Research Involving Human Subjects

UC, McKenna/Peter


March 18th

Who Owns the Data? presented by Rachel Callison, Senior Librarian, SEI OCOS Communications Services and Ethan Pullman, Humanities Librarian, University Libraries
UC, McKenna/Peter


March 26th

Data Security, presented by Allison MacFarlan, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst, Information Security Office
UC, McKenna/Peter


April 8th

International Research Considerations: Foreign Travel and Foreign Collaborators, presented by Sheryl Trexler, Director, Export Compliance, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance
UC, Connan


April 15th

Ethical Issues with Research Involving Human Subjects, presented by David Danks, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Department of Philosophy UC, Rangos 3


April 22nd

Research Data Management, presented by Steven Van Tuyl, Data Services Librarian, University Libraries UC, Rangos 3

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