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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Press Release: Girls of Steel Team Helps Construct Autodesk Robot and Vies at National FIRST® Robotics Competition

Girls of SteelFor this year's FIRST, the 39-member Girls of Steel built a robot called Atlas that is designed to catch and throw 24-inch game balls. During the event, the robots will play a game called Aerial Assist, in which two alliances of three robots each will try to score as many goals as possible within a time limit. MORE
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Press Release: A Key To Enjoying Massive Online Photo Files May Be Giving Up Some Control, Researchers Say

Photobox PhotosA 14-month study showed that people reflected more on past events and developed a renewed interest in their online photos when a device called Photobox would randomly print four or five of those photos at varying intervals each month. Though the study involved just a handful of households, the researchers said their findings suggest that, in a world where technology is always on, people sometimes find value in taking it slow. MORE
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Masters of Fine Arts Students Create "For The Birds" Visual Symphony for National Aviary

For the BirdsDaniel Allende and Tucker Marder said the collaboration aims to inspire a new perspective on and respect for the beauty and power of birds through theatrical performance. Two performances appropriate for all ages are scheduled for 6 p.m., Sunday, May 4, and 6 p.m., Sunday, May 11. MORE
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon School of Art's "Cluster Truck" Makes Art Galleries Out of 20-Foot U-Hauls

Cluster TruckAs part of the Advanced Sculpture, Installation, Sitework course "Simulation and Perception," each artist is given a rental truck to create an installation that considers site, methods and audience. The event is one night only, from 5 - 8 p.m., Thursday, May 1, on the CMU College of Fine Arts lawn. MORE