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Wikipedia for Neurons

Wikipedia for NeuronsTo help scientists make sense of the decades worth of data that has been collected about the billions of neurons, CMU researchers have created, a publicly available website to accelerate research and understanding of neuronal function.

In building the website, Shreejoy J. Tripathy, selected more than 10,000 published papers that contained physiological data describing how neurons responded to various inputs. He used text mining algorithms to “read” each of the papers.

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It's Genius!

Braille TutorAn innovative device developed by CMU’s TechBridgeWorld research group to help visually impaired students learn how to write Braille using a slate and stylus is the winner of the $20,000 Louis Braille Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation.

Presented by the National Braille Press’ Center for Braille Innovation, the award recognizes technical innovations that promote Braille literacy. It will be presented April 2 at an awards ceremony in Boston.

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Giving Privacy a Nudge

Privacy NudgeMany smartphone users know that free apps sometimes share private information with third parties, but few, if any, are aware of how frequently this occurs.

An experiment at Carnegie Mellon shows that when people learn exactly how many times these apps share that information they rapidly act to limit further sharing.

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Dan BoyarskiDan Boyarski is an expert in dynamic information, interface and interaction design, and how to combine type, image, sound and movement for effective communication.

For an interview, email Pam Wigley or call her at 412-268-1047.

Lee BranstetterLee Branstetter's research focus is on international economics, industrial organization and economic growth in East Asia, particularly China and Japan.

For an interview, email Abby Simmons or call her at 412-268-4290.

Stephen BrockmanStephen Brockman explores the relationship between literature and culture as it relates to German national identity.

For an interview, email Shilo Rea or call her at 412-268-6094.

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