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Subra SureshCMU President Subra Suresh To Be Inducted Into Institute of Medicine

Carnegie Mellon President Subra Suresh is one of only 16 living Americans and the only university president to be elected to all three national academies — the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. He'll be officially inducted into the IOM this Sunday, Oct. 19, in Washington, D.C.

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CNBC Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Marlene BehrmannAt the end of September, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy recognized Carnegie Mellon's investments in its new BrainHub initiative and the University of Pittsburgh's Brain Institute for their support of the federal BRAIN Initiative.

The foundation of some of these efforts at both universities began 20 years ago when the Richard King Mellon Foundation gave a gift of $12 million to launch a collaborative research center focused on neuroscience. The result — the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) — will celebrate its 20th anniversary Oct. 17-18 with a series of events held on both universities’ Pittsburgh campuses.

Pictured is Marlene Behrmann, CMU co-director of the CNBC.

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SnakeBot Learns From the Real Thing

SnakeBot and SandIn a study published in the journal Science, researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Oregon State and Zoo Atlanta report that sidewinders improve their ability to traverse sandy slopes by simply increasing the amount of their body area in contact with the granular surfaces they're climbing. The principles used by the sidewinders were tested by a modular snake robot developed at Carnegie Mellon (right).

CMU's robotic snakes are well suited for urban search-and-rescue operations in which robots need to make their way through the rubble of collapsed structures. They also can move through pipes and have the potential to inspect power plants from the inside out.

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Art on the Brain

Brain ArtCurated by Adjunct Associate Professor Patricia Maurides in collaboration with the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC), "Neurons and Other Memories" features investigations, translations and reflections of neural mechanisms by artists and neuroscientists. The exhibit runs Oct. 10 - 26.

Photo: Synaptogenesis, Greg Dunn, enamel on composition gold leaf

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M. Bernardine Dias M. Bernardine Dias' research goal is to create culturally appropriate computing technology for use by developing communities.

For an interview, email Byron Spice or call him at 412-268-9068.

Tiziana Di MatteoTiziana Di Matteo is a pioneer in the study of the early universe, black holes and computer simulations of galaxy formation.

For an interview, email Jocelyn Duffy or call her at 412-268-9982.

Baruch FischhoffBaruch Fischhoff's research focuses on risk communication, analysis and management, adolescent decision-making, informed consent, security and environmental protection.

For an interview, email Shilo Rea or call her at 412-268-6094.