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Behrmann Elected to NAS

Marlene BehrmannMarlene Behrmann, the George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and CMU co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC), has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

She is the first female scientist from CMU to be elected to the NAS.

“Marlene is a world-class scholar who richly deserves this singular honor. As both her colleague and long-time collaborator, I personally appreciate her incredible scientific intellect and integrity — to my mind there is no better cognitive neuroscientist in the world today,” said Michael J. Tarr, head of the Department of Psychology.

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Borle, Schwartz Honored by Tonys

Stephen SchwartzChristian BorleAlumni Christian Borle and Stephen Schwartz were recognized by the Tony Awards this morning (April 28) in New York. Borle (right) has been nominated for best performance by a featured actor in a musical for “Something Rotten!” and Schwartz (far right) has been named this year’s recipient of the Isabelle Stevenson Tony Award.

As part of this year’s award show, the Tony Awards in partnership with CMU will announce the recipient of the inaugural “Excellence in Theatre Education Award.” The award is the first, national recognition program to honor K-12 theatre educators.

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Mechanism Discovered Behind Malaria Progression

PNAS Journal imageUsing computer modeling, Carnegie Mellon President Subra Suresh and his colleagues found that nanoscale knobs, which form at the membrane of infected red blood cells, cause the cell stiffening that is in part responsible for the reduced blood flow that can turn malaria deadly.

The findings represent a new understanding of the mechanisms behind the progression of malaria, opening a new avenue of research into therapies for the disease that infects close to 200 million people each year.

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All In: Computer Faces Poker Pros

Computer PokerIn a contest that echoes Deep Blue’s chess victory over Garry Kasparov and Watson beating two Jeopardy! Champions, computer poker software developed at Carnegie Mellon will challenge four of the world’s best professional poker players in a “Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence” competition beginning today (April 24) at Rivers Casino.

Over the course of two weeks, the CMU computer program, Claudico, will play 20,000 hands of Heads-Up No-limit Texas Hold’em with each of the four poker pros.

“Poker is now a benchmark for artificial intelligence research, just as chess once was,” said CMU's Tuomas Sandholm.

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Baruch FischhoffBaruch Fischhoff is an expert in risk communication, analysis and management, adolescent decision-making, informed consent, security and environmental protection.

For an interview, email Shilo Rea or call her at 412-268-6094.

Irene FonsecaIrene Fonseca, an internationally respected scholar in applied mathematics, focuses her research on calculus of variations, geometric measure theory and partial differential equations.

For an interview, email Jocelyn Duffy or call her at 412-268-9982.

James GarrettJames Garrett Jr. is an expert in "smart" infrastructure, sensor data-driven approaches for infrastructure condition assessment and analytics.

For an interview, email Sherry Stokes or call her at 412-268-5976.

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