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Tianjin China

CMU Experts Among World Leaders in China

LovettCarnegie Mellon faculty are on the global stage this week among the world's most influential thought leaders at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014, also known as Summer Davos, in Tianjin, China.

This year's theme, "Data Science in Action," is in CMU's wheelhouse and CMU faculty are providing their perspectives, as is President Subra Suresh, who is the only university president serving as a "program mentor."

  • BehrmannManuela Veloso is discussing the future of autonomous robots. 
  • Marsha Lovett (top right) is explaining how data from students using online learning software can help scientists improve learning. 
  • Marlene Behrmann (bottom right) is discussing the helpfulness of analyzing brain signal pathways in individuals with autism.
  • James H. Garrett, Jr., is addressing how sensors can be used to save trillions of dollars in infrastructure repair costs.

President Suresh is being featured in a session titled "Optimizing Education Through Technology." Justine Cassell is speaking on wearable computing technologies and how emerging technologies are augmenting the human experience.

Also participating in the forum:  Inês Azevedo, Jessica Hammer and Chris Harrison, three faculty selected among the forum's 40 top scientists under the age of 40.

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Miss Pennsylvania Seeks America's Crown  

Miss PAMusical theatre major Amanda Smith, Miss Pennsylvania 2014, will vie for the Miss America crown this Sunday, Sept. 14 in Atlantic City. The competition will be broadcast live beginning at 9 p.m., EDT on ABC.

Smith, who has taken a sabbatical from classes this year, credits part of her success to her training at CMU.

"As a musical theatre major, I take acting, voice lessons and dance every semester. I also have taken classes in speech, movement, Alexander technique and foundations of drama. The talent portion of the pageant is 35 percent of your score, and CMU's School of Drama definitely contributes not only to my confidence and technique onstage, but how I carry myself in social situations as well," Smith said.

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Smart Headlights

CMU Smart Headlights Prevent Glare    

A smart headlight developed at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute (above, right) enables drivers to take full advantage of their high beams without blinding oncoming drivers or suffering from the glare that can occur when driving in snow or rain at night.

The programmable headlight senses and tracks oncoming drivers, blacking out only the small parts of the headlight beam that would shine into their eyes. In snow or rain, the headlight tracks individual flakes and drops and blocks the slivers of headlight beam that would illuminate the precipitation and reflect back into the driver's eyes.

The system was devised by Associate Robotics Professor Srinivasa Narasimhan.

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Manuela VelosoManuela Veloso, the Herbert Simon Professor of Computer Science, is a leader in artificial intelligence and multi-robot systems. 

For an interview, email Byron Spice or call him at 412-268-9068.

Keith WebsterKeith Webster, dean of University Libraries, has an extensive background and broad, international experience in academic library leadership.

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