Diversity-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Diversity in the Mellon College of Science

The Mellon College of Science works actively to build a diverse community of scientists and mathematicians committed to breaking new ground in education and research and bringing a wide range of perspectives to these core missions. The college seeks to promote a welcoming environment attractive to students, faculty and staff across gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and physical ability.

Numerous MCS faculty and students have initiated projects that demonstrate this broad commitment to these goals, including educational outreach for K-12 students, summer programs for undergraduates, and student organizations.  For example:

  • Student organizations, such as Women in Science, COMPASS, and MAPS, encourage group interactions where students traditionally underrepresented in science can share experiences with peers and meet with models of different career paths.
  • Departments recruit underrepresented minority Ph.D. students at conferences like ABRCMS and NOBCChE and through research collaborations with colleagues at minority-serving institutions.
  • Innovative faculty-led programs create opportunities for K-12 students to gain experience in hands-on science, such as Prof. Leonard Kisslinger’s Physics Concepts Program with local middle school students.
  • MCS offers workshops, through collaboration with the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, about approaches to teaching, advising and mentoring that are inviting and effective for a wide range of different life experiences and backgrounds.

The Associate Dean for Special Projects is available to facilitate departmental and individual faculty and student efforts in recruiting and retaining students.