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Cost of Attendance


Full Time Students

Full-time graduate tuition for 2017-2018 academic year1 is $46,000. A breakdown of tuition per degree program is listed below.

  • MII-PS (9 months): $46,000
  • MII-PS Advanced Study (16 months): $70,9172
  • MS-SM (12 months): $69,000
  • MS-SM (16 months): $69,0002 + Summer Tuition: $479 per unit
  • MS-TV (16 months): $69,0004 + Summer Tuition: $479 per unit
  • MS-TV (Dual Degree): MS in Engineering: $46,000 + Summer Tuition: $480 per unit + $46,0004

Part Time Students

Other Costs

Housing and health insurance usually compose the major cost for school other than tuition. For more information regarding tuition and other fees3 assessed by the University, please visit the HUB website.


Limited campus housing is available to graduate students at the Pittsburgh campus only. Email Housing Services at to inquire about availability.

Health Insurance

All full-time students must carry adequate health insurance. Insurance plans 
must be employer or government-sponsored group programs and meet certain 
minimum standards for coverage. Health care and medical insurance for graduate students and their families is available and more details can be found on the Student Health Service website.

Financial Assistance

There is no university funding provided for students at the Integrated Innovation Institute. Teaching or research assistantships are available to Ph.D. students only. All enrolled students, or their employers, are responsible for payment in full for tuition and expenses. Some students do secure external funding.

You are welcome to explore the HUB website for information about graduate student financial aid [pdf], the Office of Graduate Education and the College of Engineering websites for external funding opportunities. International students seeking scholarships may consider exploring fellowships and scholarships offered at CMU or by other organizations.

Student Consumer Information

Student Consumer Information - All institutions that participate in federal student financial aid programs (e.g., Pell grants, federal student loans, Federal Work -Study) are required by the federal government to make student consumer information available to enrolled and prospective students.

Carnegie Mellon University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Additional information about Carnegie Mellon University's accreditation and state authorizations can be review here.

Review additional tuition information for California State residents here

1Academic year denotes fall and spring semesters. Three-semester programs will have an additional semester of tuition.
2Estimated tuition for the Fall 2018 term. Official tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year will be released in spring 2018.
3Part-time Software Management students, who attend the program remotely, will not be charged the transportation fee.
4Estimated tuition for the 2018-2019 terms. Official tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year will be released in spring 2018.