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Intercultural Communication Center Policy on ITA Testing for Master Students
Students in master programs can register for the ITA test (required for all nonnative English speakers) only when they have a job offer for a specific class, even if it is just a tentative job assignment.
Video Introduction to the ITA Test
Who Needs to Take the ITA Test
ITA Testing for Master Students
Preparing for the ITA Test
Tips for Doing your Best on the ITA Test
Understanding the ITA Test Scoring Guide
ITA Test Registration


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  Why do master students need to find a job before testing?

This policy ensures that we use our resources efficiently. The ITA test is both time-consuming and expensive for the university; it is crucial that we reserve testing times for students who have found a TA assignment. Unfortunately, because there are many more master students than there are TA positions, not everyone who wants to TA will find a job. One added note: given the competition for TA jobs, master students should start looking for TA positions on campus as soon as possible.

  Do students need to pass the ITA test before applying for a job?

No, they do not. Some students and faculty mistakenly believe that they need an ITA test score before applying for a TA assignment, but this is not true nor is it possible given the ITA test policy. If a faculty member wants an assessment of spoken language before considering a master student for a TA job, they can use the results of his/her TOEFL speaking score.