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Intercultural Communication Center Self-paced Work
Mastering a second language requires repeated practice over time. Self-paced work can provide hours of practice to supplement ICC classwork.

During self-paced work, students can work at their own pace with a variety of materials. Self-paced work is intended both to supplement ICC classes and to provide the many hours of individual practice that are needed for improvement in a second language.
Written Materials

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  ICC Produced

> Participating in Classes
This video addresses the common factors (e.g., cultural differences, interaction style and assumptions about learning) that often hinder international students' ability to interact sufficiently in the Carnegie Mellon classroom.

> Introduction to the ITA Test
This video gives students a clear understanding of the ITA test (procedures and scoring) so that they can prepare appropriately for the test and be more comfortable when taking the test.

  ICC Library

Our video library includes materials in the area of pronunciation, US classroom culture, academic presentation skills, and job interviewing in the US.

For a select number of videos, students have the option of getting one hour of ICC class credit if they complete a Self-paced Log Form (available in the ICC office). Note that only 5 hours of self-paced work can count towards the 15 hours required for Restricted I and II ITAs.

Stop by the ICC office to browse our collection and to check-out material.


We recommend that students look for online videos in their academic fields. In addition, the ICC can provide a list of recommended websites that can help students improve their command of academic English and US classroom culture.

  Written Materials

  ICC Produced Handouts

See our collection of handouts listed under Language / Self-paced work.