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Intercultural Communication Center Language Support Orientation
All ICC classes, whether the focus is on speaking, writing or culture, are designed to help nonnative English speakers improve their command of academic fluency and their understanding of US academic culture.
Language Support Orientation

Warner Hall 308
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Office: (412) 268-4979

  Language Support Orientation

Informational sessions for graduate students who are nonnative English speakers or speakers of other varieties of English

The session offers guidance and discussion of common language and cross-cultural issues experienced by international students at CMU. Students who attend this session learn how to anticipate language challenges and to determine if language support is right for them. Note that the session is required before students can register for ICC classes.

At the start of their studies at CMU, students are encouraged to attend this 1-hour session to:

  • Better understand the language challenges faced by many nonnative English speaking students and develop realistic expectations for their success at CMU,
  • Learn how to interpret their own TOEFL speaking scores in order to more realistically assess their individual language issues,
  • Get guidance to help them select the appropriate ICC work, and,
  • To be added to our contact list for weekly email announcements and for registering for ICC classes, workshops, and seminars.

If possible, students should bring TOEFL scores, including sub-scores (an official copy is not required, but is useful). Students who plan to work as TAs are strongly advised to attend an orientation at the start of their first semester on campus so that they can understand how best to prepare for the ITA test.

Orientations are offered most days during the two weeks before classes begin in August, and periodically throughout the semester. See the current schedule below:

PhD students (group sessions; must be there at the start of the session) 

During summer, call the ICC to find out when an orientation might be available (412) 268-4979.

Master students (group sessions; must be there at the start of the session) 

Date Time Room
May 26 2:00pm Cyert Hall A55