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Intercultural Communication Center Resources for Exchange Students:
Referrals for Language Help
We provide the following services to our international exchange students.
Warner Hall 308
5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
Office: (412) 268-4979

The Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) offers on-going language support in a format designed to allow full-time students to attend a series of short workshops and classes during the length of their program. The goal of our center is to help students develop the skills needed to successfully complete their degree programs. We do not offer traditional ESL language classes; our classes instead focus on the types of skills needed for academic success, and are aimed at students who have at least a minimum TOEFL score of 600 PBT/84 iBT (the score generally required for students in academic programs at Carnegie Mellon). The ICC does not generally fit the needs of exchange students since those students are often on campus for only one or two semesters, and may either need more basic ESL training than we can offer, or be looking for advanced classes in writing, linguistics or public speaking.

Exchange students can use the following:

Language Support Check-in
Students need to attend a brief language support check-in to get recommendations for appropriate work and be added to our contact-list. Note: students should bring TOEFL scores, including sub-scores (an official copy is not required, but is useful).

Self-paced Work
Self-paced work allows students to work at their own pace with various multimedia materials (especially useful for pronunciation and listening).

Modern Languages
The MLRC is open to anyone at Carnegie Mellon who has an ID card. This center contains audio, video, and computer equipment for language learning.

Carnegie Mellon Clubs
Participation in these activities can help you develop both language skills and an understanding of US culture and customs. Many advanced speakers find that they can best improve their English skills by taking academic classes taught in English.

Referrals (ESL classes in Pittsburgh)
Our website has information on ESL classes in the local area. Many of these classes are either free or very inexpensive. This information is also of benefit to family members.