Dissertations and Teaching Placements-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University

Dissertations and Teaching Placements

Dissertations in Literary and Cultural Studies, 1992-2014

  • Sheila Liming (2013). The Natural Woman: Science and Sentimentality in Nineteenth-Century America.
  • Geoffrey Glover (2012). Fables of Difference: African American Science Fiction from 1931 Through 2006.
  • Christopher Jeremy Taylor (2012). The Fortified Compound: New Journalism and the New Right.
  • Nilak Datta (2011). Authentic Fictions in Homely Worlds: The Construction of the Post-Tourist Gaze in Postmodern American Fiction.
  • Bill Blake (2011). Soldier Playwrights, Public Honor, and the Making of Liberal Arts Culture, 1660-1737.
  • Emily Klein (2010). Constructing the American Activist: Twentieth-Century Political Performances and Discourses of Social Change.
  • Clover Bachman (2009). Problems of Subjectivity, Criticism, and the Interdisciplinary Origins of Aesthetics.
  • Mario Castagnaro (2009). Embellishment, Fabrication, and Scandal: Hoaxing and the American Press.
  • Darlene Everhart (2009). Accounting and Authorship in Eighteenth-Century Island Narratives.
  • Rebecca May (2009). Morbid Parts: Dissection and the Gothic in the Long Nineteenth Century.
  • Thora Brylowe (2008). Romantic Arts & Letters: British Print, Paint, and Engraving 1760-1830.
  • Srila Nayak (2007). Citizens Everywhere: Modernism, Decolonization, and Discourses of Citizenship.
  • Courtney Maloney (2006). Images of Steel: Labor, Memory and the Cultural Work of Corporate Photographers.
  • Dana Gliserman (2006). The English Malady: Egendering Insanity in the Eighteenth Century.
  • Victor Cohen (2005). Heroes for Sale: Radical Politics and Genre Formation in Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction.
  • Michael Rectenwald (2004). The Publics of Science: Periodicals and the Making of British Science 1820-1860.
  • Elizabeth Heffelfinger (2004). Black Marketeers and Other Bad Actors: Narratives of Economic Citizenship in American Film, 1945-1955.
  • Doug Davis (2003). Strategic Functions: Crisis, Invention, and Discovery in the American Narratives of Nuclear Defense.
  • James Smith (2003). Novel Epistemologies: Cultures of Reform in the Age of Locke.
  • Richard W. Rees (2003). Transforming Ethnicity: A History of the Concept in the Context of American Whiteness and American Power.
  • Maria F. Magro (2002). Gender and Authorship From Milton to Behn.
  • Charles Cunningham (2001). Solidarity, Sympathy, Contempt: The Mythology of Rural Poverty in the Great Depression.
  • John Eperjesi (2001). The Imperialist Imaginary: Culture, Capital, and the Formation of an American Pacific.
  • Michelle Moe (2000). The Public Is the People: The Professional-Managerial Class in the Public Sphere of American Realism.
  • Valerie Begley (2000). Constructing Housewives: Narratives of Domesticity in the United States, 1945-65.
  • Geoffrey F. K. Sauer (2000). Negotiating the 'Reform' of Internet Culture.
  • Karen Ann O'Kane (1999). Inventing Modernism: An Institutional History.
  • Andrew Kurtz (1998). Avant Gardes: Postmarxism and the Hegemonic Contest.
  • Jean Petras-Sieper (1998). The Scopic Economy of Biomedicine and the Social Relations of Health Care.
  • Paul Gripp (1996). The Future Looking Backward: Progressivism and the American Novel, 1893-1917.
  • Craig A. Dionne (1992). Reading New Historicism: A Genealogy of the Theoretical Pretexts of Renaissance New Historicis.

Placements in Teaching Jobs

Since its inception in 1986, the Ph.D. program in Literary and Cultural Studies (formerly called Literary and Cultural Theory) at Carnegie Mellon University has been preparing its graduates for positions at universities around the U.S. Our Ph.D.s have found full-time or tenure-track positions on faculties of English, Writing, or Technical Communications at these institutions, among others

  • Bowling Green State University (English)
  • Eastern Michigan University (English)
  • Eastern Illinois University (English)
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Iowa State University
  • Middle Tennessee State University (English)
  • Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
  • New York University (English)
  • North Carolina Central University
  • Skidmore College
  • UCLA (Writing Programs)
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • University of Pittsburgh (English)
  • University of Washington (Technical Communications)