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Costs and Support

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MAPW Tuition Remission Scholarships

All students accepted full-time into the MAPW program receive a tuition remission scholarship that covers around 50% of the graduate tuition.  And we guarantee to keep your tuition constant through your three semesters of study even if the university should increase the graduate tuition rate applicable for your third term. [return to top]

Current Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees change annually and are not set until spring for the following fall, but 2014-15 numbers provide a baseline for what to expect in 2015-16. Current graduate tuition for full-time students, as set by the college, is $39,140 per year or $19,570 per semester. The tuition remission scholarship granted to all full-time MAPW students this year is $10,000 per semester, reducing the per semester cost to the student to $9,570. 

Academic expenses beyond tuition include annual fees totaling about $700 to cover university activities, technology access, and transportation (allowing you unlimited free use of the local bus system 24/7). Books and supplies costs vary depending on a student's specific course choices but are generally in the range of $600 per academic year. Additionally, all graduate students are required to purchase a university-sponsored medical insurance plan or provide proof of current enrollment in an existing medical insurance plan.[return to top]

Tuition and Fees for MLitt in Journalism Students

Students in this option receive the standard tuition remission scholarship made available to all full-time students enrolled in the MAPW program and pay full-time tuition (minus the tuition remission scholarship) to Carnegie Mellon for their first three semesters. Tuition for the 4th semester is based on the number of credits undertaken. Because the project and thesis are both done via independent study, tuition for the 4th semester is  reduced to about 50% of the full-time rate. [return to top]

Part-Time Enrollment

While full-time enrollment in the MAPW is the norm, the program does include a part-time option that is particularly appropriate for CMU staff members and for other practicing professionals in the region. Applicants considering this option should contact the MAPW program director to discuss their particular situation and determine whether or not part-time study is feasible. One important consideration is that most of the core courses and at least half of the elective courses are offered only during the day, so part-time students must be able to arrange their work schedules to accommodate daytime classes on campus. Part-time students are charged tuition at a unit rate determined by dividing the semester tuition by 36 to get the per unit cost and then multiplying the per unit costs by the number of units for which a student is enrolled. Individual courses are typically 9-12 units (3-4 credits). Full-time study is defined as taking at least 36 units (12 credits, usually 4 courses @ 9 units (3 credits) each. CMU staff members considering the part-time option should check with their departments concerning financial arrangements. [return to top]

Federal Government Loans for Graduate Study

All students accepted into the program full-time are eligible to apply for federal loans to cover living costs and educational expenses, including tuition. You can learn about loans and other federal and state financial aid options from Carnegie Mellon's Office of Financial Aid. [return to top]

Payment Options

Carnegie Mellon provides a tuition payment service, TMS, which allows you to pay academic year expenses in 10 interest-free monthly installments. The only cost is a small initial application fee. Additional information on payment options through TMS is available through the indicated link. [return to top]

Research Assistantships

The English Department offers a limited number of Research Assistant (RA) positions each semester. These positions generally involve 6-10 hours of work per week at $13 per hour. RA positions generally involve working with individual faculty members or with department staff on ongoing research, administrative, tutoring, or media-related projects. Available positions are generally advertised to incoming students at the beginning of each fall term. All full-time students are eligible to apply for all positions. [return to top]

Community Service Grants

Students who are work-study eligible (generally all students who have federal loans) and pursue unpaid internships in qualifying non-profit organizations during the summer may also be eligible to apply for Community Service Grants that can help to provide a salary for these unpaid positions. The way the program works is that the grants match employer support on a $3/$1 basis. Thus, if an internship sponsor is able to provide $3 per hour, the matching grant will provide an additional $9. Students considering such positions should consult with the MAPW Program Director for guidance in securing these funds. Additional information on the program is available through the Career Center site. [return to top]