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Workday From Your Seat

Workday will provide:

  • your personal employee-related information at your fingertips,
  • automated procedures, changing the way managers and administrators handle transactions and generate reports and
  • the elimination of most paper forms, making work faster and more accurate.

For Employees:
Workday will enable all employees to better manage and access their personal employee-related information.  In Workday, employees will be able to

¥ view pay slips

¥ view and change benefit info

¥ view and change direct deposits

¥ view and change tax withholdings

¥ enter hourly time electronically 

¥ view your balance and request Time Off and more...

For Managers:

In Workday, managers will
see  real -time, accurate information for your team via dashboards and reports

approve time sheets and Time Off requests electronically

receive relevant, timely notifications to get the right information to the right people at the right time

For Faculty:

Workday is a system that will

  • allow faculty to focus time and attention on their core duties of teaching and research,
  • decrease the administrative burden and
  • allow support staff to focus on value-added activities.

What Will Workday Do?

Workday's streamlined system will modernize and improve the way CMU delivers key human resources, benefits, payroll and time tracking services to employees. More specifically, Workday will perform:

  • Employee Self Service- employees will manage all personal information (e.g. benefits, PTO, change address, payroll deductions)
  • Manager Self Service- managers will access and analyze employee/team information
  • Core HR Transactions
  • Payroll 
  • Position Management
  • Compensation
  • Absence/Leave Management
  • Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Faculty Information Management

What Will Workday Replace?

Workday will replace:

  • HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) which includes
    • HREM (Human Resources Employee Module)
  • HR Connection
  • TMS (Talent Management System) -Position Module
  • PRS (Payroll Roster System)
  • ADP for Payroll
  • Green Paper Time Sheets
  • Shadow Systems (excel spreadsheets, word documents, etc.) created to bridge gaps


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