Training-CMUWorks - Carnegie Mellon University


Workday Training will occur prior to go-live and will be delivered via a variety of training types based on each user’s Workday role.  Training will be provided through various methods and all of the training materials will be available online so that users can access them whenever they need them.  The table below provides an overview of the training that will be provided.

Training Type


Classroom Training

Classroom training will be provided for core Workday users who perform transactions in Workday for users with these Workday roles:

  • Department Initiators
  • Department  Approvers
  • Academic Initiators
  • Academic Approvers
  • Timekeepers
  • Cost Center Managers
  • Activity Pay Manager (e.g., Special Service Payments)

Online Training*

  • Web-based: Presentations developed that can be accessed via the web
  • Screen Casts: Presentations developed that can be accessed via the web
  • Quick Guides: One to two page guides providing instruction on specific processes or Workday system functionality

Informational Sessions and Additional Support

  • Town Hall:  Workday and CMUWorks Service Center overview; demos of Workday Employee Self Service (ESS) and Time Tracking
  • Time Entry Overviews: Demos of time entry for non-exempt employees
  • Drop-in Labs: Topic-specific, in-person support available at go-live for users transacting in the Workday system

*Employee Self Service, Time Entry (for hourly employees), and Manager training will be available online only.