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CMUWorks is a multi-year initiative to evaluate, streamline, and enhance the delivery of Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll services across university campuses. The project includes the implementation of state of the art technology (Workday) and development of a Shared Service Center. This website is the primary resource for project information. Please check back often for important communications and project updates.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Payroll Email Sent in Error

Please note that individuals who are paid on the bi-weekly pay schedule received an automated email message titled “Payroll On-Cycle Payment Deposited.”  This email was sent in error.  Pay will be processed as scheduled on January 2, 2015 and pay information will be viewable in Workday on the same day.  A correction email was sent to all impacted individuals.  Questions should be directed to the CMUWorks Service Center at

Monday, December 29, 2014

Workday Notification Link

The link provided in the Workday notification emails is not working.  The project team is actively working to resolve this issue.  In the meantime, please sign on to Workday through the ‘Workday Self-Service Login’ link located on the CMUWorks Service Center website and go to your Workday inbox to view notifications.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Workday Launch Announcement

You may now access Workday using your Andrew ID and password by clicking the ‘Workday Self-Service Login’ link located on the CMUWorks Service Center website. We encourage you to become acquainted with Workday by reviewing and confirming the items that pertain to you:
  • Personal information
  • Position information
  • Payment elections (direct deposit information)
  • Federal tax withholding election
  • Benefits information including retirement (by viewing your 2015 elections through the Benefits bubble)
  • PTO balance (if applicable)
The My Workday Toolkit website provides a selection of resources and training materials to assist you in maximizing your use of the Workday system.

Workday Launched 

December 29, 2014!


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Visit the My Workday Toolkit site for all of the training materials and resources you'll need to confidently use Workday.