Communications-CMUWorks - Carnegie Mellon University


The project team will prepare and distribute communication toolkits that will provide increasing level of detail about the project and the impacts of Workday and CMUWorks Service Center implementations.

As the toolkits are developed, they will appear below. The purpose of the toolkits is to provide accurate information about the project that can be used to update the campus community on the benefits and progress of CMUWorks.


May 2014

Update: August 2014

Toolkit #1 [.pdf]
September 2014 Toolkit #2 .[pdf]
November 2014 Toolkit #3 [.pdf]


Updates for the project are detailed in a monthly publication entitled the CMUWorks Project Newsletter. To view current and past editions, please visit the table below:

1st Edition                              

Winter 2013 [.pdf] 

2nd Edition

Spring 2013 [.pdf]

3rd Edition

Summer 2013 [.pdf]

4th Edition

August 2014 [.pdf]

5th Edition September 2014 [.pdf]
6th Edition October 2014 [.pdf]
7th Edition November 2014 [.pdf]
8th Edition December 2014 [.pdf]
9th Edition January 2015 [.pdf]



To subscribe to the CMUWorks Project Newsletter, send email to
with the subject heading, "subscribe"