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Why A Cloud?

A cloud is at the top of the website to symbolize how Workday will be delivered to all CMU employees.

Workday is a business application that will run in the cloud.

The benefits of cloud computing are:

Regular Updates: By being in the Cloud, Workday will be regularly updated ensuring the latest features and functions are available to CMU users.  New features appear in the software automatically without having to buy or install new versions, saving CMU resources, time and money.

Remote Accessibility:  With Workday, you will not be restricted to a particular location.  You can access the services from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The Pace of Innovation: Cloud computing produces a faster development pace for prototype and testing phases providing CMU with a solution that can rapidly innovate as the workforce landscape and needs change.

No Hardware or Software Required:  Cloud computing eliminates the need and costs for new hardware and software upgrades.

Environmental Friendliness: Operating in the cloud eliminates the need to power and cool servers saving electricity and emissions dangerous to the environment.