Campus Involvement-CMUWorks - Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Involvement

Employees, staff and faculty from schools, departments and central offices are integral to the Workday Implementation.  In addition to the Campus Team that is part of CMUWorks,  employee groups are helping to:

Identify the Need for Change-STATUS: COMPLETE
Helped the University understand the fragile, outdated and not sustainable current technologies and prioritize resources for an integrated, innovative solution.
Create an RFP
1400 campus-wide requirements were gathered for a vendor analysis.
200 employees were invited from a cross section of campus to participate in the vendor selection, narrowing the five possible vendors to two. From the two potential vendors, campus employees overwhelming chose Workday over the competition.

Design and Configure Workday-STATUS: ONGOING
Multiple working groups, through business process review sessions, information gathering sessions, and playback sessions are helping to define the configuration of Workday.  A great example of a design-working group is the Track Lead Group, identified to help gather the specific design needs across campus. The representation was broken down as follows:

Staff: Cheryl Wehrer (School of Computer Science, Robotics) and Sarah Bernardini (Dietrich College)

Faculty: Sharon McCarl (Mellon College of Science)

Students: Walt Schearer (School of Computer Science) and Lorrie Safar (Campus Affairs)

Campus TeamPhoto: (11-13-12) An expanded Campus Team provides feedback on the hiring and onboarding process at CMU in Workday.

Test Workday-STATUS: TBD
User acceptance testing and parallel testing will be performed encompassing users from every aspect of the University to ensure business process continuity and data accuracy.

As every employee will be affected by the implementation, Campus-wide training will be made available and required prior to the launch of Workday.

Launch-STATUS-Estimate Spring 2014
Goal: CMUWorks, together with a trained University community will launch the unified solution optimizing CMU’s investment in Workday.

Provide On-going Support-STATUS-TBD
A team of well trained super users and CMU support staff will be on hand to help with questions and provide on-going training.

If you would like to be involved, please email the project team at

"Every week, we meet for 1-3 hours and review the preliminary design for the faculty screens…Each week I see more of the design come to life.  That design includes changes discussed the previous week and new topics or questions that have arisen over the course of the week."

-Sharon McCarl (MCS), Campus Team Lead/Faculty Track Lead

"My role as a Campus Team member and Track Lead allows me to influence decision making related to processes and system design.  Of course not every opinion or decision of mine is adopted, but it is carefully considered and weighed appropriately with input from other campus stakeholders."

-Cheryl Wherer (Robotics), Campus Team Member/Staff Track Lead

"The CMUWorks Team has partnered so closely with the Campus Team in an effort to best understand our unique work needs.  This approach has been critical in the shaping of the design of our HR and Payroll system."

-Lorrie Safar (Campus Affairs), Campus Team Member/Student Track Lead