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CMUWorks is a multi-year initiative to evaluate, streamline, and enhance the delivery of Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll services across university campuses. The project includes the implementation of state of the art technology (Workday) and development of a Shared Service Center. This website is the primary resource for project information. Please check back often for important communications and project updates.


Employee Service Center Name Change

The Employee Service Center (ESC) has a new name; it is now called the CMUWorks Service Center. The new name was selected by the service center team and approved by university leadership.  The name ‘CMUWorks Service Center’ is a positive continuation of the CMUWorks project, is easy to remember, and encourages ongoing collaboration between the team members and the CMU community.  Look for more information about the CMUWorks Service Center team in the September CMUWorks Project Newsletter.

Go-Live Date

The CMUWorks Service Center and Workday will launch in late December 2014. The first payroll in January 2015 will be run in Workday.  Note: Important information about training and go-live transition activities are coming soon.

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