Frequently Asked Questions-Sponsored Projects Accounting / Cost Analysis - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an Early Center set up?

My award is ending, but I’ve requested an extension from the sponsor. Can the award be extended prior to receiving the approved extension from the sponsor?

How do I request an extension for our sponsored award?

What constitutes an acceptable justification for a cost transfer onto or off of a sponsored award?

I need to buy a piece of equipment and my project is within the last 90 days. Will the purchase order for this equipment be approved?

I think that the wrong F&A rate is being applied to my award. What should I do to get this corrected?

What are some typical expenditure types that are questioned for allowability during the closeout of an award?

My sponsor has told me that they need to be invoiced ASAP. What do I do?

My sponsor needs our banking information. What do I tell them?

How long do I have to review the closeout reconciliation for my award?

Can travel be taken on foreign air carriers and charged to federal awards if it is cost efficient to do so?

How can I get the payment status of a subcontractor’s invoice?

What is the current NIH Salary Cap?

When my fixed priced award ended, why was my account not credited with the entire amount of the residual balance?

During the closeout process of my fixed priced award, I was asked to provide a justification for having a residual balance. Why did I need to provide this?

How much funding did Carnegie Mellon receive from the 2009 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act?