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Did you receive a Financial Aid Alert? 

If you received an email from The HUB alerting you to missing financial aid documents - check out these instructions for submitting the required documents. It is very important that you submit your documents as soon as possible, so your financial aid eligibility may be finalized and your funds can be disbursed. 

Prior-Prior Year (PPY) / Early FAFSA

A federal government decision will require students and families completing a FAFSA to use tax information from two years prior to the academic year, as opposed to one year prior. This shift, commonly referred to as Prior-Prior Year (PPY) or Early FAFSA, has also been adopted by the College Board for those completing the CSS PROFILE. Learn more about Prior-Prior Year / Early FAFSA

Loan Disbursement Dates

Loan Term Dates Disbursement Dates
2017-2018 Academic Year 8/28/17 - 5/15/18 8/21/17 - 1/9/18
2017 Fall Semester 8/28/17 - 12/18/17 8/21/17
2018 Spring Semester 1/16/18 - 5/15/18 1/9/18