Especially for Parents

Schedule for Parents

Sleeping Bag Weekends are designed to be informative to both students and parents. Throughout the weekend, parents follow the same schedule of events as the students. There will be a Parents Panel on Sunday afternoon with representative from the Division of Student Affairs.

Travel & Accommodations

Overnight accommodations are not available for the parents of participants. If you plan to stay overnight in Pittsburgh, we suggest that you explore the accommodations detailed in the Travel & Accommodations section of this site.

Identification Bracelets

Your son/daughter will be required to wear a visitor bracelet at all times while on campus. This bracelet identifies your child as an official visitor to the campus. All university shuttles, escorts and security services granted to current Carnegie Mellon students will be available to your child as well. Please advise your child that these services will only be provided if the bracelet is worn.

Emergency Hotline

Beginning Sunday morning at the time of registration, a 24-hour hotline will be activated for parents and visiting students. This hotline will provide parents and students with a direct connection to an Office of Admission representative at any time during your visit. The line will remain active until Monday night at 5 p.m.

Trolley Tour of Pittsburgh

The Office of Admission will provide parents with a trolley tour of Pittsburgh. The tour takes place Sunday night from 5:00-6:45 p.m. Registration will take place on site and space is limited. In order to reserve a spot, your child MUST be registered and present at the Sleeping Bag Weekend.

Admission Information Session

On Sunday, one of our Admission and Financial Aid counselors will give a brief presentation describing the admission and financial aid process at Carnegie Mellon University.