Audition and Portfolio Q&A

How should I prepare for my School of Drama audition or portfolio review?
You can review the audition and portfolio review guidelines on the School of Drama website.

Can a School of Drama student complete a double major or minor?
In short, yes. However, completing a double major would likely take longer than four years. If a student wishes to pursue a double major, the School of Drama major would need to be his/her primary major, and Drama courses would need to be taken in sequence with no substitutions or exceptions. 

Completing a minor is possible within four years, provided the minor requirements don’t conflict with Drama classes.bIn the last two years, students have graduated with minors in Creative Writing, English, Political Science, Business Management, Gender Studies, and French and Francophone Studies.bFor Music Theatre students, it is more of a challenge to complete a minor as they don’t have as many opportunities to fit electives into their schedule. It is possible, but it would greatly depend on the minor requirements.  

How many students apply to the School of Drama? How many are admitted?
In 2011, the School of Drama received over 1300 applications. This number varies from year to year. Typically around 80 students are admitted to the School of Drama every year, and approximately 60 are enrolled. On average, 12-14 students are admitted into Music Theatre, 16-18 in Acting, 20-25 in Design/Production, 5-7 in Directing, and 5-7 in Dramaturgy.

Are transfer students accepted into the School of Drama?
Yes. The admission process is identical for transfer students and incoming freshmen. For Acting, Music Theatre, Directing, Design, and Production Technology and Management, transfer students are classified as freshmen in the program. For Dramaturgy, if you are transferring from another university or from one of Carnegie Mellon’s other colleges, you will be classified as a freshman unless you can demonstrate you have completed a program equivalent to dramaturgy’s freshman year. Transfer credit will be evaluated on an individual basis.

How much of my admission to Carnegie Mellon is based on the audition or portfolio review?
The audition or portfolio review is the primary basis for admission into the School of Drama. The Office of Admission also reviews the student’s testing, high school performance, extracurricular activities, and demonstrated interest, keeping in mind that these students are applying to a conservatory theatre program Admission to the School of Drama and Carnegie Mellon as a whole, is highly selective.

Will I receive an admission decision on the day of my audition or portfolio review?
No. The Drama faculty committees meet to make decisions only after seeing all students audition or interview. Once decisions are made, the committees send their recommendations to the Office of Admission for further review. Students will receive an official admission decision letter from the Office of Admission between March 15 and April 15.

Can I take a tour of the School of Drama?
Yes. Please visit the School of Drama website to sign up for a tour.

Who are your Alumni and where are they working?
As the oldest conservatory training program within a university in the United States, the School of Drama has had the privilege of training the next generation of innovators and leaders in the theatre, film, television and diverse performing arts industries for nearly one hundred years. From composers and actors to engineers and lighting designers, School of Drama alumni have worked in film, television and theater all over the world and many have been recognized with prestigious awards, including Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and Tony Awards.