Curriculum-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University


Beginning with the H&SS General Education requirements, the curriculum for Creative Writing majors is designed to broaden students' intellectual backgrounds, encourage analytical abilities, and offer substantial exposure to cultural heritage. English courses outside the Creative Writing major provide additional practice in the careful reading, writing and understanding of creative texts.

In order to achieve a professional level and produce a sizeable body of work, Creative Writing majors are required to take at least four workshops. Students begin the program by taking at least two Survey of Forms (introductory workshop) courses, which are required prerequisites for the workshops. Creative Writing majors must fulfill the following requirements:

Hours 122  s/hrs
Writing workshop 12-24 s/hrs
Other writing courses 6-18 s/hrs
Literature courses 18+ s/hrs
Thesis no requirement, though many students do an honors thesis or senior project

Creative Writing majors may also double major in Professional Writing, English, or Technical Writing.