Current and Recent Courses-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University

Current and Recent Courses

Students pursuing the Master of Literary and Cultural Studies degree are required to take a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work (72 units, or 6 courses). One, or at most two, of the six courses may be taken in the Rhetoric program or elsewhere in the college. Literary and Cultural Studies courses offered in 2015 include:

Fall 2015 Courses

  • Media Past, Present, Future
    • Prof. Kathy Newman
  • Music, Technology, and Culture
    • Prof. Richard Purcell
  • Readings in Marxism
    • Prof. David Shumway
  • Foundations of Cultural Studies
    • Prof. Jeffrey Williams
  • Literature of Empire
    • Prof. Marian Aguiar
  • Politics, Media, and Romantic Writing 1789-1832
    • Prof. Jon Klancher
  • John Milton: Poetry, Paradise and Revolution
    • Prof. Christopher Warren
  • Arthurian Legend and its Modern Legacy
    • Prof. Peggy Knapp

Fall 2015 Course Descriptions [pdf]

Spring 2015 Courses

  • The Long Eighteenth Century
    • Prof. Straub
  • Early Modern: Non-Shakespearean Drama
    • Prof. Knapp
  • 20th Century British: George Orwell
    • Prof. Williams
  • 20th Century American: Hardboiled Culture
    • Prof. Shumway
  • Law, Culture, and the Humanities
    • Prof. Warren
  • Theories of Modernity & the Anthropocene
    • Prof. Klancher
  • Working Class Studies
    • Prof. Newman
  • Research in English
    • Prof. Coulson

Spring 2015 Course Descriptions [pdf]