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Update Your Matlab License

On August 31 each year, the Matlab license file expires.  If you run Matlab by connecting to our network server, there is no further steps.  When Computing Services obtains the new license file it is updated on the license server and the expiration message will go away.  If you use a stand-alone version of Matlab (it's installed on your computer), follow the steps below to update your license.

Update the License

To update an existing license:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Launch Matlab.
  3. From the Help menu, select Licensing > Update Current License.  This will download the latest license file.

Reactivate Matlab

To reactivate Matlab:

  1. You will need one of the following:
    • An internet connection and a MathWorks account with activation permissions.  - OR -
    • An internet connection and the Activation Key (The installation key is included with the download. )
  2. Log in to your MathWorks account to activate the license.