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Analytica is a visual environment for creating, analyzing, and communicating quantitative models. It is widely used to analyze decisions in business and public policy, with applications in energy and environment, health, R&D management, telecommunications and IT, aerospace, security, and many other domains.

Analytica has several advantages over spreadsheets:

  • hierarchical influence diagrams offer a transparent visual way to build, navigate, and communicate models.
  • Intelligent Arrays let you handle and modify multidimensional models with ease and flexibility
  • integrated Monte Carlo lets you represent and analyze risk and uncertainty using probability distributions.
  • it is scalable, allowing you to create, analyze, and manage models much larger than is practical with spreadsheets. Typically, the size of an Analytica mode file is 20 to 100 times more compact than the equivalent Excel model.

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Lumina, the publisher of Analytica, licenses technology from Carnegie Mellon, where Professors Granger Morgan and Max Henrion built its predecessor, Demos. Lumina offers a free license to Analytica for all users at Carnegie Mellon.

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.: Analytica Licensing Information

Analytica is a quantitative modeling tool.

  • License Holder: Engineering and Public Policy
  • Quantity licensed: unlimited
  • Available for: Windows
  • Who can install it: Students, Staff, and Faculty
  • Eligible equipment: university owned/leased and personally owned computers on campus/at home
  • Cost to users: none
  • Where to get it: Lumina has provided a special link for Carnegie Mellon Students and Faculty to obtain the software. The link is available from our Software page.
  • Getting help using it: Analytica is not supported by Computing Services. End user help is available from the vendor at
  • Restrictions: use for academic, non-commercial purposes only Individual use rights available upon termination: none. All copies must be deleted upon termination of affiliation with Carnegie Mellon University.

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