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Sending Mail to Groups

Depending on the type of account you have, Google Apps, Exchange, Cyrus, different methods of sending mail to groups are available; details of each are included below.

Not sure which email system you use? Visit The welcome message will identify you as Exchange, Cyrus or Google.

Exchange, Google Apps and Cyrus: Andrew Mailman

  • readers can join or cancel their "membership" to the list
  • provides a method of easily communicating with any group of people (as few as a dozen or as many as hundreds) who share a common interest
  • maintains the email addresses of the group
  • mailing lists are managed by list owners
  • list owners are responsible for configuring and maintaining the list

Exchange, Google Apps and Cyrus: MassMail

  • used to send individual mail messages to greater than one hundred users. This is in contrast to dlists (described below) which are used to send mail to smaller groups used in conjunction with mail merge programs to generate formatted mass mailings to groups of users

Cyrus Only: Distribution lists (dlists)

  • used for sporadic or one time mailings, ideally to groups less than 100 users
  • created by placing a list of mail recipients in a file called "distribution list" 
  • readers cannot join or cancel from the list themselves

Exchange Only: Exchange Contact and Distribution Groups

  • contacts groups stored in your personal Outlook Contacts or the Contacts folder of a shared mailbox
  • distribution groups stored on the Exchange server, displayed in global address book
  • can be used to schedule a static group of people for recurring meetings