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Create a CMUname

To create an alias, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Once you've selected a CMUname, it is impossible to change it. Think very carefully before selecting a name that could be ambiguous or that you won't want for the duration of your association with Carnegie Mellon. Computing Services also reserves the right to remove inappropriate or misrepresentative CMUname selections.


  1. Visit If you're not already authenticated, you'll be prompted to enter your Andrew userID and password.
  2. On the left side of the screen display, select Edit Directory.
  3. If you already HAVE a CMUname, that name appears in the CMUname field. If you do NOT already have a CMUname, you can request one by entering the name you want to use in the "Would you like to request a CMUname?" field.
    Note: Your request is verified against the appropriate rules. Once it passes that verification, the name is created and notification is emailed to you.

Last Updated: 2/26/14