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Directory Information

Your directory information is maintained in the university's Online Directory. For information on how the information is derived, see the chart below.

Note: If your directory information is not found, it may be because you requested a Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restriction on your account. To lift the restriction, send email to John Papinchak at requesting that the restriction be reversed. To be considered valid, the email must be generated from your Andrew email address.


Directory Information Field Definitions

Field Self-Editable?
How to access/edit
Displayed Name No This name is provided by Human Resources or Student Information System (SIS). To make a change to your name, contact either HR or the Hub.
Preferred Name Yes

Visit Select "Edit Directory"

Email  Yes

Visit Depending on which email system you use, do one of the following:

  • Exchange - select "Manage Preferred Name/Email"
  • Cyrus - select "Email Addresses/Forwarding"
  • Google - "Mail Forwarding"
Andrew UserID  No  
On Campus: Room  No
  • Faculty or staff visit HR Connection and follow links to “Demographic Information.”
On Campus: Phone  Yes
Department  No  
Job Title According to HR  No  
Student Class Level  No  
User-Specified Title  Yes


  • Cyrus or Google - select "Edit Directory"
Name by Which Known  No  

Last Updated: 10/21/14