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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FLOAT: The Art of Flying

Ben Saks & F1D Championships

Creator of model planes powered by rubber bands is excited to compete internationally

July 15, 2012

Walking into the College of Fine Arts building at Carnegie Mellon University on a blistering June day, a few summer-stay-behinds found themselves in the shadow of a graceful creature. In a flash of microfilm sheen, it beat the hot air with delicate wings, an image out of time, perhaps more at home with the huge dragonflies of the Jurassic period. Framed against the ceiling's classic murals, however, this winged creation bears more of a resemblance to Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machines.

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WHOWhatWhereWhy: "FLOAT: The Art of Flying"

July 5, 2012 -

Although Ben Saks (BArch '08) works in the architecture department at Carnegie Mellon University, his passion is building something much smaller than a skyscraper.

He builds and competes with small rubber band-powered planes that are so light they must be flown indoors. A single twisted band can keep the craft alight for more than 30 minutes.

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By: By Elliot Alpern / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette