Request for Qualifications-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, July 26, 2010

Request for Qualifications

Postmark Deadline for Applications: 13 August

Quantum Theatre seeks to commission an artist, designer or architect to help create a…well we don’t really know what to call it. A mobile “front porch,” so to speak. Quantum moves its audience all over the region, which is adventurous and interesting and an integral part of the theatre. But because we do not have a regular performance venue, we seek to add one consistent and unique element – a transportable, collapsible porch/tent/ yurt. We think that the consistency provided by one always-present architectural element will serve a wide purpose, acting as an identifier for Quantum, as well as a place where audience members can gather for receptions and conversation. We hope that, as art itself, it will deepen our audience’s experience and connection to Quantum's work.

Download the RFQ [pdf]

If you have questions regarding the RFQ, please email René Conrad or call 412.697.2929.