Morph My City Challenge-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, March 30, 2012

Morph My City Challenge

Submissions accepted between 9 January and 29 May

Morph My City Challenge (MMCC) is a two-part innovation competition that will encourage and reward radical new approaches to sustainable urban planning. The Challenge consists of two prizes (Greenfield & 2040 Prize), both calling for innovative solution for sustainable designing problems.
The Greenfield Prize is based on an empty plot of land with no pre-existing infrastructure and is part of the Morph My City Challenge. You are welcome to connect your design with natural characteristics such as a river, ground water, areal elevation or other natural characteristics, as long as it is clearly described in your proposal. The only restriction is that it is 100 hectares in size. ($10,000 CAD)
For more advanced designers, you may want to consider the second part of the MMCC. It awards the winner with a $50,000(CAD) contract:
The 2040 Prize deals with one of the big challenge of today; how to transform our existing cities into more sustainable habitats? We will reward the team that comes up with the best plan of how to gradually transform the neighbourhood of Rosemont, Regina into a sustainable utopia and has shown ways to significantly increase general live quality by the year 2040. We are not looking for the most detailed plan but for the best concept for how to redesign this place!

The winner will receive a contract with a total value of $50,000(CAD) (of which the terms are to be negotiated).

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