Lecture: Jessica Rosencrantz & Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Founders of Nervous System-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, October 31, 2011

Lecture: Jessica Rosencrantz & Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Founders of Nervous System

Tuesday, 01 November, 5:00pm, MMCH 103 Breed Hall

Jessica and Jesse will discuss their obsession with the way patterns form in nature and their attempts to adapt those methods for design. What can be learned from the way corals aggregate or leaf veins grow? And what happens when computer simulations are used to play with those mechanisms to make something unnatural? Nervous System translates these experiments into real products using digital fabrication (3D printing, laser and waterjet cutting, CNC routing, etc). Combining these two methods, algorithmically generated objects and on-demand manufacturing techniques, they create one of a kind mass customized designs.

Nervous System is a design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. The studio consists of Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz who met as undergraduates at MIT where he studied math + computer science and she studied architecture + biology. Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, they write computer programs mimicking processes and patterns found in nature, and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares.