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Carnegie Mellon University is recognized for outstanding contributions to science, technology, management, policy and the fine arts. The School of Architecture builds on a tradition of interdisciplinary study.

Our faculty's diverse set of backgrounds and commitment to professional practice and scholarly research make for a rich learning experience.
Our graduates hold positions in innovative design practices, research organizations, federal and municipal governments, the building and manufacturing industries, and at leading universities both in the US and abroad.
Our programs reflect a commitment to excellence. Students with motivation and ability receive an outstanding educational opportunity at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture.

See full list of our areas of study:

Advanced Architectural Design
Master of Advanced Architectural Design (MAAD)

The Master of Advanced Architectural Design [MAAD] is a post-professional, design-based program that utilizes emerging methods of computational design, simulation, data processing, and fabrication to speculate upon future modes of architectural practice, enhanced construction methods, and alternative material manifestations within the built environment.

Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management
Master of Science (MSAECM) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD-AECM)

A joint effort between the School of Architecture and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, the AECM programs provide a uniquely interdisciplinary education, exposing students to the multi-faceted building delivery process while providing a foundation for ethical, economic, and environmentally-sensitive decision making.

Building Performance & Diagnostics
Master of Science (MSBPD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD-BPD)

Building Performance & Diagnostics deals with the comprehensive integration of building design and advanced technology, as a means of producing high-performance architecture. Led by the Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics (CBPD) and housed within the Robert L. Preger Intelligent Workplace™, students have the opportunity to gain both diversity and depth of knowledge from world-renowned and experienced faculty.

Computational Design
Master of Science (MSCD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD-CD)

One of the first and best-known Computational Design programs in the US, our legacy continues today. Under the direction of dedicated faculty and in collaboration with other departments within the University, (e.g. School of Computer Science and Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering), our visionary students continue to push for innovation and evolution of the state-of-the-art in design technology.

Emerging Media
Master of Emerging Media (EM2)

The Emerging Media Masters (EM2) is a collaborative degree offered out of the College of Fine Arts (CFA), School of Computer Science (SCS), and the College of Engineering (CIT). The degree prepares students to tackle complex challenges in emerging media and produce outcomes with potential for societal impact.  The program consists of a first-year experience that builds specialized skills in a component area of emerging media coupled with a second year that focuses on interdisciplinary knowledge fusion and problem solving.  For more information please see

Sustainable Design
Master of Science (MSSD)

At the forefront of research in sustainable design & technology for over 35 years, Carnegie Mellon's School of Architecture is recognized internationally for its large core of dedicated faculty, providing a solid foundation from which students can learn how to positively and sustainably affect the future of the built environment. This post-professional degree program integrates Design and Technology to provide a comprehensive knowledge base for professional practice.

Urban Design

Master degree (MUD)

Building on our legacy of Urban Design, and in partnership with the Remaking Cities Institute (RCI), this 2-year Studio-based Master of Urban Design program emphasizes environmental, economic, social and cultural issues affecting the contemporary metropolis, while providing a comprehensive foundation in design, theory, history, policy, management and technical skill.

Professional Practice
Doctor of Professional Practice (DPP)

Carnegie Mellon University is offering a new academic program: the Doctor of Professional Practice (DPP) that can be completed by mid-career professionals in the AEC industry without leaving their current position. CMU offers distance learning through Acatar, coupled with on-site educational workshops that support “learning through practice”. The Doctor of Professional Practice is a three-year program, with specific coursework and scholarship to achieve candidacy status during the first year, the proposal defense in the second year, and the thesis defense during the final year.

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