Printing & Plotting-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Follow these intructions to have your documents printed or plotted by the Plot Monitors in CFA 214.
  1. Save your document as a PDF.
    No other formats will be accepted.
  2. Create a text file containing:
    » your name & andrew id
    » the PDF filename
    » printer (laser, inkjet, or plotter)
    » paper finish (plain, matte, or gloss)
    » size (8.5x11, 11x17, 13x19, or 36xX)
    » number of copies
    » additional instructions
    See the table below for options.
  3. Put your PDF and text document in a folder labeled with your name (last_first.pdf).
  4. Connect to the Plot Drop Box.
    Mac: Finder » Go » Connect to Server » smb:// DropBox
    PC: Start » Run » \\archpcserver\Plot DropBox
  5. Copy the folder with your PDF and text documents to the Drop Box.

Printing & Plotting Options

paper finish paper size
plain matte gloss 8.5x11
11x17 13x19 36xX
laser X X X
inkjet X X X X X X
plot X X X


Allow a 24 hour turn around time Monday–Friday. Plot monitors will check the drop box frequently during their shifts and will print jobs on a first-in, first-out basis. Jobs submitted Friday afternoon may not be plotted until 5pm on Sunday.

Once plotted, your files will be deleted from the Drop Box and your student account will be charged. Refer to the sign outside the Plot Office for details on pricing.

Download Instructions [PDF]

Plot Office hours

The Plot Office is currently closed for the summer. If you need to plot or scan, send email to