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Navigation is a site-wide element that appears on every page. It is generated as you build your page/folder structure. Each navigation item should be in its own folder to designate the primary or secondary option. Navigation includes:

Top Navigation

Top navigation is located below the header and is the main navigation for your site. It is visible site-wide with the first ten primary items displaying. Navigation order can be changed by sorting the Order column and dragging and dropping. An asset can be hidden in the navigation by following the appropriate steps.

  • Folder - select no for Include in Navigation.
  • Page - select yes for Hide from Navigation.

Create a Folder

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Side Navigation

Side navigation is a pop-out menu that contains the folders and pages in the asset tree, unless hidden. Side navigation is separated into primary and secondary. Choose primary or secondary for Navigation Area when creating or editing a folder.

  • Primary - appears at the top of the list and includes all top navigation items and those that exceed the ten limit. Children display once the primary item is selected.
  • Secondary - appears in a different font below primary navigation. Children display once the primary item is selected.

There is no limit to the number of navigation items in the primary or secondary side navigation.

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