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Marketing & Communications with Computing Services

Asset Tree

Use the asset tree on the left side of the page to view and organize your site assets (pages, files and folders). As you build your folder structure, navigation is generated. 

  • Click "+" to expand a folder and view its contents, including the Base Folder
  • Click "-" to collapse a folder and hide its content
  • Hover over an asset then click the down arrow to quickly manage individual items through the context menu

Asset Tabs

When an asset is selected, asset tabs display to manage the item. The View and Edit tabs also display sub-tabs.


View displays a page similar to its web layout; shows folder contents; or loads a file. Sub-tabs include:

  • Layout (page) - preview elements that comprise a page
  • Preview - display a page similar to its web layout
  • Properties - display metadata and administrative information
  • Lock - view and manage the locked status of an item
  • Outputs - show administrative information, including item properties


Edit lets you modify the content of an item. Sub-tabs include:

  • Content - edit the page content
  • Metadata - add keywords and descriptions
  • System - set publishing and indexing options
  • Outputs - manage administrative information

Move, Copy, Publish, Relationships

  • Move/Rename - move or rename an item in the folder structure
  • Copy - create a copy of an item
  • Publish - publish and unpublish an item and its associated report message
  • Relationships - displays items that reference the current item


The following display in a sub-menu: