Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2017 Titles

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Custody of the Eyes

Kimberly Burwick

Custody of the Eyes

Dream of the Gone-From City

Barbara Edelman

Dream of the Gone-From City


K.A. Hays


We Were Once Here

Michael McFee

Once We Were Here


Joseph Millar


The Histories

Jason Whitmarsh

The Histories

Fall 2016 Titles

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The Pittsburgh Stories of Willa Cather

Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Oresick

Cather Book Cover

Good Hope Road

Stuart Dischell

Dischell Book Cover

Where Are We In This Story

Sarah Rosenblatt

Rosenblatt Book Cover

Inside Job

John Skoyles

Skoyles Inside Job

Suddenly It's Evening

John Skoyles

Skoyles Suddenly

Spring 2016 Titles

All titles can be ordered through UPNE.

Something Sinister

Hayan Charara

Something Sinister Charara

The Spokes of Venus

Rebecca Morgan Frank

Venus Frank

Adult Swim

Heather Hartley

Adult Swim Hartley

Swastika Into Lotus

Richard Katrovas

Swastika Into Lotus Katrovas

The Nomenclature of Small Things

Lynn Pederson

Nomenclature Pedersen

Hundred-Year Wave

Rachel Richardson

Hundred Year Wave Richardson