TutorNet - Carnegie Mellon University


TutorNet is a volunteer organization at Carnegie Mellon University committed to providing sustained educational support to Pittsburgh schools through a combination of classroom and on-line tutoring. We are currently volunteering at Schenley High School, working with students in introductory science courses as well as helping seniors prepare for the International Baccalaureate exams in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. As a part of the TutorNet program, CMU students do classroom tutoring in these subjects at Schenley. In addition, we have started an on-line program in Physics that provides students with homework help in the evenings. Students are able to log-in from their home computers and discuss their work with a tutor in an on-line chat environment. The combination of classroom and on-line interactions provides Pittsburgh high school students with additional support in mastering the material in science classes. We also try to instill a sense of excitement about science and to get students to consider studying science or engineering in college.