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Jeffrey Galak

Jeffrey Galak

Associate Professor of Marketing

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  • TEP - Tepper Building - Room 4230
  • 412-268-5810
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


  • New York University - Ph D - 2009
  • New York University - MA (Philosophy) - 2008
  • New York University - BS - 2005


  • When It Could Have Been Worse, It Gets Better: The Effect of Uncertainty on Hedonic Adaptation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal of Consumer Research

  • Why Certain Gifts Are Great to Give But Not to Get: A Framework for Understanding Errors in Gift Giving

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Julian Givi, Elanor Williams)
    Current Directions in Psychological Science

  • Trickle-down preferences: Preferential conformity to high status peers in fashion choices

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Kurt Gray, Igor Elbert, Nina Strohminger)
    PLOS ONE 11(5), 2016; e0153448

  • The Influence of Contextual Cues in Judgment Formation: A Field Investigation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak)
    PLOS ONE 11(4), 2016; e0154383

  • Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science.
    This is part of the Open Science Collaboration. I am NOT the first author, but rather one of many authors working together (see the paper for details).


  • Sentimental Value and Its Influence on Hedonic Adaptation

    (author(s): Yang Yang, Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2015

  • How Perceptions of Temporal Distance Influence Satiation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Joseph Redden, Yang Yang, Ellie Kyung)
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 52, 2014; 118-123

  • Slow Down! Insensitivity to Rate of Consumption Leads to Avoidable Satiation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Justin Kruger, George Loewenstein)
    Journal of Consumer Research 39, 2013; 993-1009

  • The Subjective Sense of Feeling Satiated: The Role of Metacognitions in the Construction of Satiation

    (author(s): Joseph Redden, Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal Of Experimental Psychology-General 142, 2013; 209-217

  • The effects of Traditional and Social Earned Media on Sales: An Application to a Microlending Marketplace

    (author(s): Andrew Stephen, Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal of Marketing Research 49, 2012; 624-639

  • The effect of inequality frames on redistributive income policy support

    (author(s): Rosalind Chow, Jeffrey Galak)
    Psychological Science 23(12), 2012; 467-469

  • An Open, Large-Scale, Collaborative Effort to Estimate the Reproducibility of Psychological Science
    This is part of the Open Science Collaboration. I am NOT the first author, but rather one of many authors working together (see the paper for details).

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak)
    Perspectives on Psychological Science 7, 2012; 652-655

  • Correcting the Past: Failures to Replicate Psi

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Robyn LeBoeuf, Leif Nelson, Joseph Simmons)
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2012

  • Intuitive Biases in Choice vs. Estimation: Implications for the Wisdom of Crowds

    (author(s): Joseph Simmons, Leif Nelson, Jeffrey Galak, Shane Frederick)
    Journal of Consumer Research 38(1), 2011; 1-15

  • Micro-Finance Decision Making: A Field Study of Prosocial Lending

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Deborah Small, Andrew Stephen)
    Journal of Marketing Research 48, 2011; S130-S137

  • Is Variety The Spice Of Life? It All Depends On The Rate Of Consumption

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Justin Kruger, George Loewenstein)
    Judgment And Decision Making 6(3), 2011; 230-238

  • The Pain Was Greater If It Will Happen Again: The Effect Of Anticipated Continuation On Retrospective Discomfort

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Tom Meyvis)
    Journal Of Experimental Psychology-General 140(1), 2011; 63-75

  • The Virtues Of Opaque Prose: How Lay Beliefs About Fluency Influence Perceptions Of Quality

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Leif D. Nelson)
    Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology 47(1), 2011; 250-253

  • Variety Amnesia: Recalling Past Variety Can Accelerate Recovery From Satiation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Joseph P. Redden, Justin Kruger)
    Journal Of Consumer Research 36(4), 2009; 575-584

  • Enhancing the Television Viewing Experience through Commercial Interruptions

    (author(s): Leif Nelson, Tom Meyvis, Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal of Consumer Research 36(August), 2009; 160-172

  • Mate Preferences in Social Cognitive Context: When Environmental and Personal Change Leads to Predictable Cross-cultural Variation
    Body Beautiful: Evolutionary and Sociocultural Perspectives

    Palgrave Macmillian, 2007; 185-208

  • When Consumers’ Self-image Motives Fail

    (author(s): Justin Kruger, Jeffrey Galak, Jeremey Burrus)
    Journal of Consumer Psychology 17(4), 2007; 250-253

Working Papers

  • Mitigation of Wear-Out Effects in Persuasive Appeals

    (author(s): Daniella Kupor, Jeffrey Galak, Zak Tormala)

  • Predicting the longevity of music

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Karim Kassam, Joseph Redden)

  • The transfer of sentimental value

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Yang Yang)

  • Watching a Timer Makes the Good Times Worse: How Expectations of Completion Impact In Experience Affect

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Edith Shalev)

  • The Sentimental Value of Firsts

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak)

  • Rejecting a Bad Option Feels like Choosing a Good One

    (author(s): Hannah Perfecto, Jeffrey Galak, Leif Nelson, Joseph Simmons)
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

  • Selfish Gift-Giving and Sentimental Value

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Julian Givi)

  • When Gift Giving is Selfish: A Motivation to be Unique

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Julian Givi)
    Journal of Consumer Research

  • Socioeconomic Relocation and Conformity in a Large Real-World Dataset

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak)

  • When Good Things Come to an End: The Trajectory of Desire for Consummatory Stimuli When Access is Lost

    (author(s): Yang Yang, Carey Morewedge, Jeffrey Galak)
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 52

Awards and Honors

  • American Marketing Association - DocSIG Top 50 Marketing Faculty List (based on productivity in 2009-2013) (2013)
  • Journal of Marketing Research - Finalist for 2012 Paul E. Green Award (2013)
  • Marketing Science Institute - Selected to attend MSI Young Scholar Conference (2013)
  • Association for Consumer Research - Runner up JCR Paper of the Year - 2009 (2012)
  • CMU - Junior Faculty Giving Chair (2011)
  • CMU - BP Junior Faculty Chair (2010)
  • NYU - Herman E. Krooss Award For Distinction and Presentation of an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (2009)
  • AMA Sheth Foundation - AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow. (2008)
  • Max Plank Institute on Bounded Rationality - Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in Psychology and Economics – 2nd Place Poster Award: "Complexity is Good: When Disfluent Communication Signals Author Erudition" Galak, Jeff and Leif D. Nelson. (2008)
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology - 2nd Annual Judgment and Decision Making Pre-Conference (at SPSP) Travel Award. (2007)
  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making - Society for Judgment and Decision Making– Best Student Poster Award. "Complexity is Good: When Disfluent Communication Signals Author Erudition" Galak, Jeff and Leif D. Nelson. (2006)

University Service

  • LMS Advisory Committee, Committee Member (2016 - )
  • OHFC, Committee Member, Attend Committee meeting. Review job applicants. Review program (2015 - )
  • Student Event - Presentation, Presented to Business Analytics group of Data Visualization (2015 - 2015)
  • Alumni Event Presentation, WL Mellon Speaker Event Presentation (2015 - 2015)

Professional Activities

  • Conference-Related, JDM Pre-Conference at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Co-Organizer (May 2014 -)
  • Board of Directors, Neuros Medical , (Board Observer) (September 2013 -)
  • Board of Directors, Jewish Community Center of Allegheny County, Non-Profit (July 2013 -)
  • Board of Directors, Westmorland Advanced Materials (March 2014 - February 2016)

Jeff Galak, Ph.D. is also featured faculty for Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Executive Education's Behavioral Economics and the Science of Decision-Making program.