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Steinbrenner Doctoral Fellowships

The Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research Doctoral Fellowship Program in conjunction with the Presidential Graduate Fellowships provides competitively awarded grants to highly qualified second-year PhD students at Carnegie Mellon University who are involved in environmentally focused, interdisciplinary research projects for which traditional funding may not be available.

About the Fellowship
  • Steinbrenner Institute Doctoral Fellowships are awarded annually.
  • Fellowships will be granted to up to four second-year PhD students.
    • Up to three fellowships will be awarded for $40,000 of tuition and/or stipend.
    • One additional application will be nominated for a $50,000 Heinz Presidential Fellowship.
  • Students receiving support will be referred to as ‘Steinbrenner Institute Doctoral Fellows’ and will be required to present at the annual Steinbrenner Environmental Colloquium, held in the spring semester.
    • The presidential fellow will be referred to as a ‘Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow’ and as such will also be required to present at the annual Steinbrenner Environmental Colloquium as well as Presidential Fellows events.
  • Fellowship candidates must be exceptional CMU PhD students entering their second year of PhD studies and be involved in an ongoing research project.
  • Students across all seven colleges of Carnegie Mellon University are welcome to apply. Proposals should be submitted by a faculty advisor on behalf of their advisee.

For more information on the Steinbrenner Doctoral Research Fellowship program, please contact Neil Donahue.

Steinbrenner Fellows

2024-2025 Fellows:

  • Nana Oye Djan (Engineering and Public Policy)
    2024 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Avery Sonora Williamson (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jacob Lumpkins (Chemical Engineering)
  • Kyla Fullenwider (Design)

2023-2024 Fellows:

  • Theobard Habineza (Mechanical Engineering)
    2023 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Abdulhakeem Ahmed (Chemical Engineering)
  • Morgan Newman (Architecture)
  • Leenia Mukhopadhyay (Chemistry)

2022-2023 Fellows:

  • Albin Wells (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    2022 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Christine Troller (Chemical Engineering)
  • Kushagra Varma (Architecture)
  • Savannah Talledo (Chemistry)

2021-2022 Fellows:

  • Alexander Polzin (Design)
    2021 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Maryam Hakimzadeh (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Chunzhi Wu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Jenna DeVivo (Chemistry)
  • Andrew Jones, Jr. (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy)

    2020 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Silvana Juri (Transition Design)

  • Sarah Troise (Engineering and Public Policy)

  • Riley Weatherholt (Chemistry)

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  • Hannah Frame (Chemistry)

    2019 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Sarah Case (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Eric Lopato (Chemistry)

  • Joan Nkiriki (Engineering and Public Policy)

  • Bailey Bowers (Chemistry)

    2018 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Ana Cáceres (Engineering and Public Policy & Civil and Environmental Engineering)

  • Brian Dinkelacker (Chemical Engineering)

  • Peter Tschofen (Engineering and Public Policy)

  • Jacob Ward (Engineering and Public Policy)

    2017 Steinbrenner Institute and Heinz Presidential Fellow
  • Rebecca Tanzer (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Mingyi Wang (Chemistry)

  • Yujie Xu (Architecture)

  • Kerrigan Cain (Chemical Engineering)

    Title: "Water Solubility Distribution of Atmospheric Aerosols"
  • Lydia Jahl (Chemistry)

    Title: "Direct determination of the heterogeneous kinetics of N2O5 and IEPOX vapor uptake and secondary aerosol production using aerosol optical tweezers"
  • Bowen Yu (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Nanophotonic Solar Thermophotovoltaic cells with Extremely High Efficiency"

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  • Chelsea Kolb (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Impacts of climate change induced bromide increases in groundwater on disinfection byproduct formation and speciation for coastal drinking water utilities"
  • Brian Sergi (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Understanding public perceptions of energy tradeoffs in climate, health, and economic cost using discrete choice analysis"
  • Michael Craig (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Assessing the Economic Merits of Flexible Carbon Capture and Sequestration as a Compliance Strategy with the U.S. Clean Power Plan"

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  • Georges Saliba (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Constraining the radiative uncertainty of anthropogenic emissions on climate"
  • Daniel Gingerich (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Waste-Heat Driven Processes for Power Plant Water Treatments"
  • Michael Polen (Chemistry)

    Title: "Ice Nucleation Properties of Atmospherically Aged Biomass Burning Aerosol"
  • Sara Abdollahi (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Determining the water footprint of a U.S. household: Toward the design of sustainable urban systems that meet future water demands"

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  • Andrew Hamann (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Coordinated Predictive Control of Hydropower Cascades to enable increased Penetration of Variable Renewable Generation"
  • Jeffrey Song (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Probabilistic Framework for Environmental DNA Sampling Design"
  • Fan Tong (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Does using natural gas to power vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions?"
  • Xiang Li (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Characterizing the total contribution of vehicular emissions to ambient air pollution"

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  • Shalini Ramesh (Architecture)

    Title: "Urban Energy Information Modeling: Coupling the thermodynamic interactions between the natural and the built environment affecting building energy consumption"
  • Yuxin Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Recommendation for a Protective Bromide Standard for Drinking Water Sources using Data from Southwestern Pa."
  • Adam Ahern (Chemistry)

    Title: "Characterizing Aerosol Emissions from Residential Biomass Burning"
  • Matthew Mills (Chemistry)

    Title: "Biomimetic, Catalyzed Degradation of Ethinylestradiol with Hydrogen Peroxide for Use in Wastewater Treatment"
  • Raul Figueroa (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Evaluation of Technical and Regulatory Strategies to Improve Structural Safety while Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Concrete-Framed buildings with Emphasis on Projects in Low-Income Jurisdictions and Developing Countries"

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  • Ahmed Abdulla (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: "Investigating the Economic Viability of Small, Modular Nuclear Reactors"
  • Wayne Chuang (Chemical Engineering)

    Title: "Characterization and Aging of Black Carbon Particles
  • Bowen Yu (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: "Nanophotonic Solar Thermophotovoltaic cells with Extremely High Efficiency"
  • Arvind Murali Mohan (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: "Determining the Microbial Impacts on the Fate of Radionuclides in Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Shale"

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  • Anita Lee (Chemical Engineering)

    Title: A Comprehensive Computational Approach to Evaluating Amine Based Solvents for Post Combustion CO2 Capture
  • Yeganeh Mashayekh (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: Impact Assessment of Intelligent Transportation Systems Congestion Management Measures on greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Scott Schiffres (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: Waste Heat Scavenging through Solution Processed Organic Thermoelectric Materials
  • Aranya Venkatesh (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: Supporting Low Carbon Fuel Policies in the United States using Uncertainty Analysis
  • Emily Fertig (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: An engineering-economic optimization of compressed air energy storage (CAES) to enhance wind power reliability
  • Catherine Izard (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: Economic and Emissions Effects of Climate Change Policy on the Iron and Steel Industry in the United States
  • Elizabeth Traut (Mechanical Engineering)

    Title: How Does Energy Policy Affect Vehicle Design?
  • Jessica Wilson (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: Brominated Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water: Impacts from Shale Gas Production in Pennsylvania
Learn more about the 2009–2010 Fellows
  • Sharon Wagner (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: The Feasibility of Using Parabolic Trough Solar Technology to Increase Renewable Energy Production
  • Melissa Chan (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: Assessing Future Supply Curves for Coal in Light of Technological and Environmental Uncertainties
  • Varun Dutt (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: Human problems of forecasting in dynamic systems

Learn more about the 2008–2009 Fellows

  • Anny Huang (Engineering and Public Policy)

    Title: Life Cycle Energy and Environmental Impacts of Extended Product Responsibility Policy
  • Heather Wakeley (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: Alternative Transportation Fuels: Infrastructure Requirements and Environmental Impacts for Hydrogen and Ethanol
  • Yan Xu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

    Title: Development of Novel Contaminant Source Tracking with Molecular Microbiology

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