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October 25, 2022

New Blog, Paper, and Talk: Sinfonia

By Jim Blakley, Living Edge Lab Associate Director

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As edge computing emerges, it introduces new complexity. Now, a user’s proximity to edge computing resources matter. And, edge computing economics and market structure mean that the edge computing provider and the resources it provides can be quite variable over time and space. For the edge-native application provider, finding the “right” edge computing node or cloudlet to serve a specific user for a specific session can be non-trivial. Here at the Living Edge Lab, we believe that this complexity calls for a new abstraction at the boundary between edge-native application providers and edge computing infrastructure providers. Our Sinfonia project, led by Jan Harkes in collaboration with Meta and ARM, focuses on the development and evaluation of a framework for this abstraction.

See our blog, the new paper, and the talk @ ARM/DevSummit 2022.

Sinfonia Blog

Sinfonia Paper

Sinfonia @ ARM DevSummit 2022