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Carnegie Mellon’s BrainHub To Host Second Neurohackathon

By Jocelyn Duffy / 412-268-9982 /

Carnegie Mellon University’s BrainHub will host its second Neurohackathon on May 22-23. The competition is open to Carnegie Mellon undergraduates and Master's and Ph.D. students in computer science, machine learning, electrical and computer engineering, statistics and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.

During the hackathon, teams of students will be given data sets gathered from neuroscience researchers in the College of Engineering, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Mellon College of Science, and asked to use computer science and machine learning to analyzing the data. Datasets include:

  • Influence of internal behavioral state on visual processing, sponsored by Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Sandra Kuhlman.
  • Extracting maximum spatial information from the brain using non-invasive EEG, sponsored by Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Pulkit Grover and Professor of Psychology Marlene Behrmann.
  • Motor learning strategies on a split-belt treadmill, sponsored by Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Aryn Gittis and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Steven Chase.
  • Synaptic signatures of autism, sponsored by Alison Barth.

Teams will compete for prizes including a fellowship (one semester of tuition) and travel awards. 

CMU students interested in participating should email their name and team members' names to Gerry Balbier. Students without a team can also email Balbier to ask for assistance in finding a team. 

The Neurohackathon is sponsored by Google, the Department of Machine Learning in the School of Computer Science and the Provost's Office.