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Coming Home

Carnegie Mellon Today
July, 2011

Michael Tarr practically grew up on the Carnegie Mellon University campus after his father, Joel Tarr, accepted a joint faculty position in the university's history department in 1967. Today, the younger Tarr is conducting groundbreaking research in cognitive neuroscience using a state-of-the-art fMRI scanner on campus, and has had a hand in launching the Brain, Mind & Learning Initiative at CMU. Read more

Teaching Gets Smarter:

Carnegie Mellon University
February 9, 2011

Kenneth Koedinger came to Carnegie Mellon University in 1986 as a Ph.D. student — exploring how software could be harnessed as a teaching tool. Twenty-five years later, more than 500,000 students a year are learning math more easily and efficiently through the cognitive tutors he and colleagues developed. Read more