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J. David Creswell

Associate Professor of Psychology

Creswell Photo

J. David Creswell’s work focuses on the neurobiological mechanisms guiding stress resilience. Using a blend of sophisticated health psychology and neuroscience methodologies, he has pioneered the neurophysiological pathways linking stress management strategies (e.g., mindfulness meditation, self-affirmation, rewards, cognitive reappraisal) with reduced stress reactivity and stress-related disease risk.

Creswell also studies the role consciousness plays in guiding decision making and learning. He found that the brain regions responsible for making decisions continue to be active even when the conscious brain is distracted with a different task. The research provides initial indications that show how the brain unconsciously processes decision information in ways that lead to improved decision-making.

In 2014, Creswell was awarded the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology.