Carnegie Mellon University

Q: What is BrainHub and what will it do?

A: BrainHub is an effort that seeks to coordinate activity of faculty across CMU working in brain science and especially to motivate the formation of groups that combine expertise with disparate skill sets.

The leadership of BrainHub consists of a Director (Nathan Urban – interim Provost) and a steering committee of faculty from across the universityIt will administer funding, coordinate efforts with international partners and facilitate applications for large grant applications. BrainHub is not a department or center; it will not house faculty appointments or degree programs.

Q: What will the BrainHub funding be used for?

A: The funding will be used for a number of purposes including seed grants, postdocs and PhD students. Some may be used for providing support for faculty startup packages. Some funding will be used to facilitate collaborations with partner institutions through meetings and travel. There is also funding for an executive director who will help with planning, identifying funding opportunities, providing administrative support for large-scale grant proposals and facilitating communication.

Q: How can I apply for funding?

A: The specific mechanisms are being determined and details will be available later in the Fall, but there will be a system for submitting relatively short proposals.