Carnegie Mellon University

The Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) replaced the former Parking Advisory Board in September, 2017. The committee was established to provide reports, presentations and recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management & Campus Services, reporting to the Vice President of Operations.

The goal of the committee is to assist with developing and establishing parking & transportation strategies and policies. PTAC provides expert engagement with Parking & Transportation Services on issues (some controversial) related to parking and transportation regulations, system improvements, stakeholder communications, policy recommendations, operational improvements and strategic development.

PTAC Members

Chris Hendrickson, Co-Chair (Heinz, CEE and Traffic 21)

Don Coffelt (FMCS)

Michelle Porter, Co-Chair (P&TS)

Sylvia Smith (Staff Council)

Sam Webb (Marketing & Communications)

Jenna Hovis (FMCS)

Stephanie Laughton (Graduate Student)

Becky Culyba (Provost’s Office)

Joyce Heckmann (Human Resources)

Bob Opferman (University Police) 

John Hannon (Student Affairs)

Justin Mohney (Admissions; representing Mike Steidel)

Sean Qian (CEE)

Roy Farkas (Operations - Finance)

Bob Reppe (CDFD)

Kurt Steinmiller (Finance; representing Angela Blanton)

Penny Toniolo (CDFD)

Ralph Horgan (CDFD)

Albert Presto (Faculty Senate and MechE)